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Design Forge: April 2022

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How might we better UNDERSTAND, DESIGN FOR, & DEMONSTRATE the impact of Design Thinking pedagogies?

Design Thinking for Student Learning is Elon’s annual convening of design thinking educators, practitioners, and thought leaders. Each year, Design Forge addresses a topic of interest to higher education, strengthens collaboration in the design thinking community, and searches for new opportunities for design thinking to enhance student learning.

Like prior years, we will spend time together exploring the how-might-we question in an environment that is part design and part convening, launching new relationships and generating questions, resources, ideas, and frameworks that advance the value and impact of design thinking practices.

Forge 2022 featured the visionary and strategic efforts of:

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The conference is for educators, design practitioners, changemakers, and thought leaders



Designing opportunities for higher education to more inclusively and collaboratively address wicked problems


Strengthen collaboration between communities & search for opportunities for DT to enhance transformational learning


  • Design Forge 2018 | DT project-based learning — How might we create ways to use design thinking projects as project-based learning? Feel free to learn more by reading the 2018 Design Forge 2018 Summary

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  • Design Forge 2019 |  Learn and teach service design — How might we create better ways for people to learn and teach design thinking and service design?
  • Design Forge 2020 |  Student wellbeing and wellness — How might university design thinking efforts enhance student wellbeing and wellness?
  • Design Forge 2021 |  Participatory placemaking practices — How might DT support participatory placemaking practices?

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