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Elon By Design Network

We are building a network of students, faculty, staff, and people from businesses, nonprofits, and government who are interested in learning about design thinking and using it to make things happen in the world. We send the network design thinking news, resources, event announcements, and research. Sign up to recieve our newsletter.

Interested in completing an internship with the Center for Design Thinking?

We can specially design internships so they meet your professional, personal, and civic goals!

Design Thinking interns get the chance to explore how design thinking supports their academic, professional, and personal goals while supporting the Center for Design Thinking, the Elon By Design initiative, and students, staff, faculty, and community members.

As an intern, you will assist the Director and other Catalysts in achieving the mission, develop a specialty and lead the team in that area, and serve as a design thinking ambassador to Elon.

Internship opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Event Coordinator
  • Communication Catalyst
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Data Analyst and Strategist 
  • Videographer
  • Research Catalyst
  • Special Project Lead

Reach out to the Director, Danielle Lake, at to explore possibilities that meet your goals and check out the Elon Job Network to peruse posted positions.


Elon’s Design Thinking Catalysts are students developing ways design thinking supports their learning and goals while supporting the Center for Design Thinking, the Elon By Design Initiative, and students, staff, faculty and community members.


Creating opportunities for Elon students, faculty and staff to gain the confidence and ability to apply design thinking’s process, methods and mindset to challenges.


Assist the Director and other Catalysts in achieving the Mission; develop expertise and lead the Team in their focus area; diligently pursue the Learning; maintain a presence in the Center; serve as DT ambassadors to the Elon community; participate in delivering workshops and events


Design thinking is less about creativity and more about using discipline to direct and focus creativity. A Catalyst models this disciplined creativity for others. Each Catalyst develops a specialty then owns everything related to their specialty and leads the team in that area.

Design for America (DfA) is a student-led and faculty-mentored organization that focuses on tackling social challenges on campus and in the community using the design thinking process. DfA Elon is one of 40 university studios across the U.S. Since its launch in 2019, DfA Elon has led two projects: an accessibility map for visitors to the Elon campus and a YMCA Innovation Project. Currently, DfA is working on a partnership with Elon Academy to support high school students’ mental health. Contact us to learn more or join Elon’s DfA studio team!

Get in touch to learn more about how you can get involved with DfA.

Three Design For America students walking through the Elon University campus.Three Design for America students working in the Center for Design ThinkingTwo Design For America students working in the Center for Design Thinking at Elon University.

Elon By Design is housed in the Elon University Center for Design Thinking and operates across the entire university. The Center is a flexible design studio connected to an industrial-grade maker space. Classes, workshops, events, experiences and conversations about design thinking at Elon happen here. Learn more about our amazing spaces here!

The Center Layout:

Interior space of the Design Thinking Center.

Center for Design Thinking
Elon Town Center
103 W. College Ave.
Elon, NC 27244

Located above Pandora’s Pies on the third floor, enter through the door next to the Wells Fargo ATM (follow signs to the Maker Hub, we’re right next door!)