Where Vision Meets Action

If you are reading this, you recognize the importance of understanding business, people, money, leadership, and getting a job, but students curious about Entrepreneurship & Innovation also tend to envision more for themselves than ‘just a degree.’ You are willing to work hard and you want your work to matter. You seek impact and fulfillment, professionally and personally…even if you are not quite sure what your career will look like yet. Welcome. We are looking for people like you. This world is increasingly dynamic, global and technology-driven. Entrepreneurship & Innovation is made for these times.

Forbes magazine states, an “Entrepreneurial Mindset is not the same as a management mindset. The attitudes and skills required to build useful products and services are distinct from those required to maintain those same things.”

Elon’s Entrepreneurship & Innovation program teaches you the tenets, tactics and technology of business, but it does something more. This is the program for recognizing opportunities, large and small, and putting them into practice. Here you learn how to add value in any situation.

Our Program Outcomes:

  • Mindset for taking initiative and self-management to complete tasks.
  • Decision-making with evidence-based data and analytical reasoning in alignment with values.
  • Creative synthesis to solve unstructured problems with imperfect information.
  • Leadership to coordinate, collaborate, and execute projects and processes.

Major in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Love School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with a major in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Courses to innovate:

  • Creativity and the Doer/Maker Mindset
  • Entrepreneurship for the Greater Good
  • Bringing the Venture to Life
  • Tech Tools for Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Finance

Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The Love School of Business offers a minor in entrepreneurship and innovation.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation majors are required to complete at least one internship for academic credit through BUS 3985. Entrepreneurship & Innovation students are nimble and find internships in a variety of distinct roles, from financial representative to credit analyst, to business development, marketing, sales, and logistics, in large corporations, small businesses and apprenticeships.

Graduation Outcomes

Elon Entrepreneurship & Innovation alumni work in a wide variety of occupations and industries. We have graduates who are financially independent with their own startups and we have graduates hired to work at large corporations such as Dell, Oracle NetSuite, Bank of America, Teva Pharmaceuticals, ADP and more. We also have graduates who go to law school and to medical school, and we regularly have alumni selected as Venture for America (VFA) Fellows. When we say our program is “business, but more,” we mean it.