To some people, entrepreneurship means ‘starting a company.’ At Elon, we think that perspective is too limiting. Research shows that only 3 in 1,000 college graduates start a company in any given year. In fact, the average age for founding an organization is 40 years old.

Our program’s mission is to develop student curiosity and initiative to build self-managed critical thinkers who recognize, plan and implement solutions.

Entrepreneurship Major

Learn to apply your creative talent, enhance your design thinking capacity and take the initiative required to recognize, evaluate and capitalize upon opportunities. Our entrepreneurship program cultivates entrepreneurial leaders and prepares them for success in the pursuit of corporate, startup and non-profit progress on a global scale.

Entrepreneurship Degree Requirements & Courses

Entrepreneurship Minor

Students in all fields of study at Elon are able to pursue this minor. The interaction of students studying diverse disciplines, including art, science, business, communications, education and law, prompts the exchange of creative ideas and concepts critical to entrepreneurial thinkers.

Entrepreneurship Minor Requirements & Courses