Kirstie Doehler

Associate Professor of Statistics
Duke 201A
2320 Campus Box
Elon, NC 27244 (336) 278-6473

Brief Biography

Kirsten Doehler received her Ph.D. in Statistics from North Carolina State University and joined the Elon faculty in 2008. Her academic interests include nonparametric statistics, survival analysis, statistical consulting, statistics education, and attitudes toward statistics. She is originally from Rochester, New York but has lived in North Carolina since graduating from college. Kirsten ("Kirstie") enjoys spending time with her children and husband. She also likes to run, participate in spin classes, and practice Bikram Yoga.

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  • Ph.D. in Statistics, North Carolina State University, 2006
    Dissertation: Smooth Inference for Survival Functions with Arbitrarily Censored Data
    Advisor: Marie Davidian
  • Masters of Statistics, North Carolina State University, 2002
  • B.A. in Mathematics and Education, State University of New York College at Geneseo, 2000

Employment History

  • 2014 - present            Associate Professor of Statistics, Elon University   
  • 2008 - 2014                Assistant Professor of Statistics, Elon University     
  • 2006 - 2008                Assistant Professor of Statistics, UNC Greensboro   
  • 2004 - 2006                VIGRE Fellow, National Science Foundation
  • 2002 - 2003                Graduate Technical Student, SAS Institute
  • 2000 - 2004                Teaching Assistant/Instructor, North Carolina State University

Courses Taught

Courses at Elon University:

  • MTH 112 - General Statistics
  • STS 212 / MTH 220 - Statistics in Application
  • STS 213 - Survey Sampling Methods   
  • STS 232 - Statistical Modeling           
  • STS 256 - Applied Nonparametric Statistics (taught 1st offering of course at Elon)
  • STS 327 - Statistical Computing (taught 1st offering of course at Elon)
  • STS 342 - Statistical Theory (taught 1st offering of course at Elon)
  • STS 481 - Internship in Statistics        
  • STS 499 - Independent Research in Statistics 
  • COE 310 - Transition Strategies for Statistics Majors             

Courses at UNC Greensboro:

  • STA 108 - Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • STA 290 - Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference        
  • STA 352 - Statistical Inference           
  • STA 551 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics I
  • STA 552 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics II
  • STA 573 - Theory of Linear Regression        
  • STA 673 - Linear Models        
  • STA 699  - Graduate Thesis                                                                

Courses at NCSU:      

  • ST 311 - Introduction to Statistics                                                                              
  • ST 101H - Statistics by Example - Honors Section


Undergraduate Research Students:

  • Spring 2014: Jennifer Faig, Jessica Weiss - Analysis of Marathon Data
  • Fall 2014: Connor DelPrete, Christine Keneally, Sunna Vidisdottir - Basketball Analytics
  • Spring 2014 - Fall 2014: Connor DelPrete, Christine Keneally, Sunna Vidisdottir - Basketball Analytics
  • Fall 2013: Matthew Feather, Derek Heard, Seamus McGuire, Sunna Vidisdottir - Basketball Analytics    
  • Fall 2011 - Fall 2012: Alison Miller -  A Comparison of Seminonparametric (SNP) and Nonparametric Survival Estimation (Alison won 1st place in the Undergraduate Student Research Competition at the 8th Annual UNCG Mathematics and Statistics Conference)
  • Fall 2011, Fall 2012: Theodore Berkowitz - Estimating Proportions with the Binomial Distribution: Traditional Methods and Improved Alternatives
  • Spring 2011: Jonathan Leeds - Do Binomial Confidence Intervals Have the Right Confidence? 
  • Spring 2011: Russell Swan - Sequential Testing: Do we Reject or get more data?
  • Summer 2010: Brandon Landreth - The Effect of Dental Sealants and Fluoride Varnish on Survival Time of Premolars in Children 
  • Spring 2010: Cam Jessup - Who is really Winning the Olympics?
  • Fall 2010: Jennifer Batchelor - An Exploration of Nonparametric Equivalence Testing
  • Spring 2009: Jennifer Batchelor - Apportionment Issues in the House of Representatives  (Co-advisor with Laura Taylor)
  • Spring 2009: David Filonuk - Linear Models and Home-Court Advantage (Co-advisor with Laura Taylor. )

Graduate Research Student:

  • Fall 2007 - Spring 2008: Guolin Zhao - Masters Thesis: Nonparametric and Parametric Survival Analysis of Censored Data with Possible Violation of Method Assumptions 


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