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The road to modern admissions

In a time when prospective students are visiting and applying to more schools than ever before, it takes more than a brochure to attract them, and universities across the country, including Elon, are taking note.

I Am Elon with Kathleen Hupfeld ’16

In addition to her rigorous coursework and research, the junior exercise science major has been volunteering continually since junior high school, and plans to use her Elon education as preparation to study physical therapy.

Dominic Barrett ’06: tackling hunger from the ground up

Dominic Barrett ’06 is growing more than food at Shalom Farms in Virginia: He’s tackling hunger from the ground up.

Senior’s appetite for success a drive beyond graduation

A seasoned traveler and dedicated environmentalist, Colby Halligan ’15 has overcome personal loss to challenge world hunger as a student and beyond.

Anthropology professors is digging for answers

For almost 20 years, Elon archaeologist Rissa Trachman has been investigating a Maya site in Belize, debunking Hollywood stereotypes about the profession along the way.

Alumnus’ business provides a natural look

Brandon Kline ’03 recently launched Natural Border, a sustainable shirt manufacturer based in Richmond, Va., that uses all natural bamboo fibers.

In the searchlight: Michelle Matalon Delgado ’07

After seven years doing publicity work for Fox Searchlight Pictures, Michelle Matalon Delgado ’07 is comfortable taking the spotlight on her own terms.

From the Archives: the Spanish influenza

One of the most devastating epidemics in modern history swept across the United States during 1918-19, leaving a half million people dead, including three Elon students.