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J. King White ’80: The Elon connector

A dedicated altruist, J. King White ’80 is passionate about connecting like-minded people and advocating for his alma mater.

Telling our story

What's your personal “elevator pitch” about Elon? Here are five key messages for you to share.

I Am Elon with Simone Jackson ’16

A member of Elon’s track and field team, Simone is open to making mistakes and learning from them—both on the field and in the classroom.

Creating new realities

Fueled by personal experience, Yasmine Arrington ’15 is building a brighter future for children of incarcerated parents.

Ian Baltutis ’08: Determined leadership

A successful entrepreneur, the Elon alumnus is applying his “think large, act small” mentality to his mayoral career.

The asylum conundrum

Seeking asylum in the United States is not as easy as some might think. Just ask immigration attorneys Natalie Teague L’09 and Allison Lukanich L’12, who know firsthand the complexities of the process.

Becoming part of the story

WBAY-TV reporter Emily Matesic ’99 shares insights about the case that inspired the Netflix original series “Making a Murderer.”

Margot Haglund ’13: A dream come true

An avid ice skater, the Elon alumna never thought one day she would play one of Disney’s most popular female characters for audiences around the world.

From the archives: Ahead of his time

Meet William H. Maness ’38—fighter pilot, judge, state legislator, lawyer and long-time civil rights movement supporter—who defied the norms of his time.