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Service-learning courses for Spring 2018

Course NameInstructorEnrollment
BIO 264 Human Physiology Jen Uno 27
COM 452 D: Strategic Campaigns Hal Vincent 18
CSC 310: Human Computer Interact Duke Hutchings 21
EDU 211A: Education and Society Heidi Hollingsworth 24
EDU 211B: Education and Society Heidi Hollingsworth 21
EDU 246A: Mth/Sci in early Childhood Heidi Hollingsworth 9
EGR 271A: Engineering Design/Service Sirena Hargrove-Leak 4
ENG 110 D: Writing: Argument Inquiry Heather Lindenman 18
ENT 355: Entrepreneurship Greater Good Elena Kennedy 33
HSS *111* A Human Service Studies Leslie Blank 17
HSS 111 B:Art/Science Human Serv St Monica Burney 25
HSS 213A:Groups and Communities Carmen Monico 12
MBA 541 E Marketing Management Sharon Hodge 16
MGT 428A: HRM/Strategy and Consulting Brian Lyons 19
MKT 414A: Marketing Research Timothy Norvell 24
MKT414 B Marketing Research Sharon Hodge 24
PSY 318 A: Community Psychology Buffie Longmire-Avital 24
PSY 321A: Educational Psychology Alexa Darby 25
SOC 243 A: Sociology of Education Bernard Curry 20
SPT 427 A: Event Management Hal Walker 27