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Fall 2012: Get to know Elon's botanical garden

Elon’s botanical garden is much more than rows of pretty plants in a flower bed.

Why do we serve? A user’s guide to improving our world

Looking for ways to channel your energy into a creative force for good?  Learn how others from Elon find fulfillment in giving back to their communities.

Life in the fast lane

A lifelong racing fan, Annette Randall ’05 has managed to shape a career around her favorite pastime.

Forbidden love

There was a time when romantic relationships between Elon students were not as common as one might think.

I Am Elon with Sean Barry '16

A self-described “salesman for Elon,” the accounting major enjoys showing off the campus he loves to visitors in his role as an admissions tour guide.

Jamie Sclater '02: The water warrior

After a series of injuries put his active military career on hold, U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman 1st Class Jamie Sclater '02 has found strength—and healing—in the pool.

Point of view: God sees people, never color

After an antiracial incident in 2011, Elon’s head women’s basketball coach Charlotte Smith decided to channel her thoughts via poetry, and eventually music.

Elon mother-and-daughter team help cancer patients celebrate life

Jessica Shepps ’12 and her mother, Stacy, helped a North Carolina nonprofit that works with cancer patients expand its presence in the mid-Atlantic.

‘Cancer never conquered me’

After being diagnosed with bone cancer last February, Nicole “Colie” Dennion is ready to get on the soccer field once again.

Five things to know about Matt Matheny

As Matheny leads his team through their first season in the Colonial Athletic Association, he took a few minutes to sit down with The Magazine of Elon to share five things about himself.

Syllabuzz: MTH 371 – The Mathematics of Secrets

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Chad Awtrey hopes to show the direct applicability of math and help students taking the course build skills transferrable to a number of careers.