Elon awards credit for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and CLEP exams as shown in the table below. This table serves as reference information. Students must have their official exam score reports sent to Elon University in order to earn credit.

Students enrolled in the Swiss Maturite, German Arbitur, the French Baccalaureate, or British Advanced level exams could also receive university credit for exam results. Evaluation of possible credit will be completed upon receipt of exam results. Please have results for these exams sent to the Office of Admissions.

Filter By Course Type:
SourceElon CourseTitleMinimum score requiredSemester hours earned  
WLP Provost SubstitutionSPN*0040SPN 2010 Placement 4.00000LIFELife Experience
International Bac Dance HLDAN*1XXXDAN Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IBM Project Mgr BadgeBUS*3XXXBUS Elective Course53.00000BDGBadge
IB.ChnWLC*1XXXWorld Languages/Cultures Elect54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Visual ArtART*1XXXART Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Theatre ExamDTS*1XXXDrama and Thea Studies Electiv54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Swedish Language B examWLC*1XXXWorld Languages/Cultures Elect54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Spanish Language A LitLIT*1XXXLIT Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Spanish B ExamSPN*1020Elementary Spanish II54.00000IBIB Exam
IB PhysicsPHY*1XXXPHY Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Philosophy ExamPHL*1XXXPHL elective course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Music ExamMUS*1XXXMUS Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Math ExamMTH*1XXXMTH Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Math AnalysisMTH*1XXXMTH Elective Course54.00000  
IB Language A Literature ExamLIT*1XXXLIT Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Lang A Lang/Lit examLIT*1XXXLIT Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Japanese ExamFOR*1XXFOR Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB History of Asia/OceanaHST*1XXXHST Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB History European ExamHST*1XXXHST Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB History AmericasHST*1XXXHST Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Hist Africa and Mid. EastHST*1XXXHST Elective Course54.00000  
Ib Higher Level World Hst ExamHST*1XXXHST Elective Course54.00000  
IB Global Politics examPOL*1XXXPOL Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB German ExamGER*1020Intro German Lang Culture II54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Geography ExamGEO*1XXXGEO Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB French B ExamFRE*1020Elementary French II54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Film ExamCOM*1XXXCom Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Exercise Science ExamESS*1XXXESS Elective Course54.00000  
IB English Second LanguageENG*1XXXENG Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Eng second language examENG*1XXXENG Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB EconomicsECO*1000Principles of Economics54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Design Technology ExamIDS*1XXXIDS Elective Credit54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Computer Science ExamCSC*1300Computer Science I54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Chemistry ExamCHM*1XXXCHM Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Business & Mangt ExamBUS*1XXXBUS Elective Course54.00000IBIB Exam
IB Biology ExamBIO*1012Topics in General Biology53.00000IBIB Exam
IB Biology ExamBIO*1013General Biology Laboratory51.00000IBIB Exam
French Bacc Hist/Geog/Poli SciCIV*1XXXCIV Elective Course124.00000TESTTest
French Bacc Econ/Social SciencSCY*1XXXSCY Elective Course124.00000TESTTest
Elon Challenge Exam Music ThryMUS*1320Materials of Music II43.00000TESTTest
Elon Challenge Exam Music ThryMUS*1325Aural Skills II41.00000TESTTest
Elon Calculus Challenge ExamMTH*1510Calculus I44.00000TESTTest
Clep Sociology ExamSOC*1110Introductory Sociology604.00000CLEPCLEP Exam
Clep Eng Lit ExamLIT*1XXXLIT Elective Course604.00000CLEPCLEP Exam
CLEP Chemistry ExamCHM*1XXXCHM Elective Course604.00000  
Clep Bio ExamBIO*1012Topics in General Biology603.00000  
Clep Bio ExamBIO*1013General Biology Laboratory601.00000  
Clep Amer Government ExamPOL*1XXXPOL Elective Course604.00000CLEPCLEP Exam
British A Level LiteratureLIT*ELELit Elective34.00000  
British A Level GeographyGEO*1XXXGEO Elective Course24.00000TESTTest
Brita.EngENG*1XXXENG Elective Course34.00000  
Brit A Lvl Gbl Perspec RsrchSCY*1XXXSCY Elective Course34.00000  
Brit A Lvl Enviromtl MgtENS*1XXXENS Elective Course34.00000  
Applied MathematicsMTH*1XXXMTH Elective Course54.00000  
AP.ART.GENART*1XXXART Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP World History ExamHST*1XXXHST Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP US Government ExamPOL*1110American Politics44.00000APAP Exam
AP Statistics ExamSTS*1100Intro to Statistical Reasoning44.00000APAP Exam
AP Spanish ExamSPN*1020Elementary Spanish II44.00000APAP Exam
AP Spanish ExamSPN*2010Intrmd I/Mystries Sp Spkg Wrl54.00000APAP Exam
AP Psychology ExamPSY*1000Introduction to Psychology44.00000APAP Exam
Ap Physics C: MechanicsPHY*2210University Physics I44.00000APAP Exam
Ap Physics C: MechanicsPHYL*2210University Physics I Lab40.00000APAP Exam
AP Physics 2PHY*2020General Physics II44.00000APAP Exam
AP Physics 2PHYL*2020General Physics II Lab40.00000APAP Exam
AP Physics 1 examPHY*2010General Physics I44.00000APAP Exam
AP Physics 1 examPHYL*2010General Physics Lab I40.00000APAP Exam
AP Phys C Electricity MagnetmPHY*2220University Physics II44.00000APAP Exam
AP Phys C Electricity MagnetmPHYL*2220University Physics II Lab40.00000APAP Exam
AP Music Theory ExamMUS*1310Materials of Music I43.00000APAP Exam
AP Music Theory ExamMUS*1315Aural Skills I41.00000APAP Exam
AP Mth BC With SubscoreMTH*1510Calculus I44.00000APAP Exam
AP Math Calc BCMTH*1510Calculus I44.00000APAP Exam
AP Math Calc BCMTH*2510Calculus II44.00000APAP Exam
AP Math Calc AB ExamMTH*1510Calculus I44.00000APAP Exam
AP Latin ExamLAT*1020Elementary Latin II44.00000APAP Exam
AP Latin ExamLAT*2010Intermediate Latin I54.00000APAP Exam
AP Italian Lang ExamITL*1020Elementary Italian II44.00000APAP Exam
AP Italian Lang ExamITL*2010Intermediate Italian I54.00000APAP Exam
AP Human Geography ExamGEO*1XXXGEO Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Gov & Pol Comp ExamPOL*1XXXPOL Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP German ExamGER*1020Intro German Lang Culture II44.00000APAP Exam
AP German ExamGER*2010Experiencg German Spkg Wrld I54.00000APAP Exam
AP French Lang. ExamFRE*1020Elementary French II44.00000APAP Exam
AP French Lang. ExamFRE*2010Intermediate French I54.00000APAP Exam
AP European History ExamHST*1120Search for Order Modern Europe44.00000APAP Exam
AP Env. Studies ExamSCI*1XXXNon-Lab Science Elective44.00000APAP Exam
AP Eng Literature/CompositionLIT*1XXXLIT Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Eng Lang/Comp ExamENG*1100Writing: Argument and Inquiry44.00000APAP Exam
AP Economics Micro ExamECO*1XXXECO Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Economics Macro ExamECO*1XXXECO Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Econ Micro & Macro ExamsECO*1000Principles of Economics44.00000APAP Exam
AP Computer Science A ExamCSC*1300Computer Science I44.00000APAP Exam
AP Chinese ExamCHN*1020Elementary Chinese II44.00000APAP Exam
AP Chinese ExamCHN*2010Intermediate Chinese I54.00000APAP Exam
AP Chemistry ExamLAB*1XXXLab Science Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Biology ExamLAB*1XXXLab Science Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Art Studio ExamART*1XXXART Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Art History ExamARH*1XXXARH Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP Art 2D examART*1XXXART Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
AP American History ExamHST*1210Unruly Origins: US to 186544.00000APAP Exam
Ap African Amer Studies ExamAAA*1XXXAAA Elective Course44.00000APAP Exam
A Level Spanish ExamSPN*1020Elementary Spanish II24.00000TESTTest
A Level English LiteratureLIT*1XXXLIT Elective Course24.00000TESTTest