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What do we love about Elon?

Below are submissions from Elon alumni and students, in no particular order. Share your own reason!

  • I love spending time outside at Elon when it's warm. I especially love sitting by Lake Mary Nell and reading or just relaxing. —Member of the Class of 2016
  • I love how Elon is always leading. It is rooted in its past but always seeks to challenge itself and push itself as a brave leader for the future. —Ted Darid Mauro '89
  • A love letter to Elon
    Back in the old days, the shrubs around McEwen Library were barely knee-high. This made it pretty easy to kick-back on the slate patio of the old Student Union, prop my feet on the metal railing, nurse my Coke, and watch classmates materialize as they passed beneath the old and ivy-shrouded brick arch off Williamson Avenue.

    In early November, the North Carolina leaves were still hanging onto their colors as well as their branches, and the autumn sun, still rubbing its eyes in the eastern sky, shone through those translucent oak leaves like a kaleidoscope, bathing her in a medley of brilliant but dying earth tones. In spring, a new generation of leaves would shower her in the pastels of April.

    But it was in the snows of Elon's winter; caressing the grounds as if Heaven had allowed its clouds to fall to earth, that lifted her from summer's shadows into January's specter ... a paradisiacal specter rivaling the billowing snows through which she passed. —Chris Jones '80
  • Dr. Ihrie, Dr. Morales and Dr. Lunsford. These three people have been on of the greatest positive impacts on my life. #LongLiveElon —David Richardson '05
  • I love how Elon has grown while maintaining respect for its traditions and history. —Eric Hall '76
  • I always loved getting banana/coconut/mint milkshakes from the Coffee Shop! No other place could ever replicate them:-) —@usedyorkcity (Jessica Tiare Bowen '04)
  • I love that not only is Elon one of the best schools in the country, it continues to be one of the most beautiful year after year! —Mandy Hemphill Krause '93
  • Periclean Scholars —Elon Professor of Sociology Tom Arcaro
  • I love the English Department at Elon and the wonderful classes I took as a (double) English major. —Bryn Porter Dugre '06
  • I love all of the friendships that I have had for 20 years and the great memories that all happened on that beautiful campus where I received an excellent education. —Kris Towers '93
  • @kellmcisaac #love #meetingyou —@pats127571 (Kelly McIsaac ’11)
  •  I always loved College Coffee on the first day of classes and seeing new students, friends, advisers, professors—everyone is just so happy on that day! I also love how Elon has inspired me to believe in the good in humanity and to be a part of something greater than myself. —Becca Bender '10
  • That they've always hired such a great landscaping crew. Best in the country. —Brian Viebranz '05
  • There are so many things about Elon I love and miss—Christmas lights at Jordan Center, tripping on the bricks and pretending it didn't happen, late-night study parties at Club Belk—but I think what stands out the most about Elon is the opportunities offered. Looking back on my time as a student, it really seemed like nothing was impossible. The university that provides a such a great sense of bELONging might be small but has no space limit for its students' big dreams, and support from administration, faculty, mentors and lifetime friends makes it possible to reach those dreams. —Kristin Zachary '09
  • Dr. Vick and the science department! —Caroline Ross '01
  • My Sigma Kappa sisters.—Sara Lame '06
  • PEOPLE, sense of community, shared love for the school, College Coffee, & Leo! #whyILoveElon —@lala_w Campus
  • I think I could honestly write a list of 125 things on my own, and then some. I miss Elon every day. The people are what I love most about Elon. Professors like Dr. Vandermaas-Peeler, administrative assistants like Edie Alexander, and (Associate) Provosts like Dr. Tim Peeples. Even more important, Elon has provided life-long friendships that I still cherish, including my future husband. We may not have started dating till February of our senior year, but November 2013 we will marry. From our first date at Brown and Company, to our first kiss near the Oaks, Elon will forever be a part of our story! Elon is home. —Larissa Ferretti ’09
  • I love the beauty of the campus in the Spring! I remember taking my laptop and doing my homework by Lake Mary Nell after class and laughing at the girls laying on towels tanning on the lawn! —Christopher Woods ’06
  • I haven't been gone nearly long enough to say this, but as you grow up things change. At the heart of it, your principles remain the same. North Area is drastically different, the Academic Village came to fruition and there is some amazing upperclass on-campus housing. The spirit of Elon and the development of great relationships, however, has stuck with me even as I have moved from North Carolina. Long live Elon! —Jeffrey Tente '09
  • I love that I can pursue my personal interests and find people who share those interests. —Marty Lucero '16
  • What do I love about Elon? It's the love. It is the magical place where I met my wife, fell in love and have been with her ever since that day when our eyes met. We thought that was the end of our Elon story, but no, our two daughters fell in love with it and decided they wanted to experience what their parents did. Our oldest graduated two years ago and our youngest is a sophomore. They love it too! Our family surely loves Elon and we always will bleed Maroon and Gold. LONG LIVE ELON! —Mickey Leggett '77
  • I love Festivus. —Jessica '16
  • I love that Elon is a sacred space for me. I feel it as I drive by, stroll the campus, or slowly walk its Labyrinth. —Sean Leavitt '93
  • What don't I love about Elon? It's where I made great friends, memories, met the love of my life, who is now my husband. I love Elon because from the first time I stepped on campus, I felt like I was home, and no matter how long away I've been away, I always feel the same comfort when I come back. It's a place I will truly always bELONg. —Jessica Hall '08
  • I love that no matter where in the world I may live, Elon will always be my home. —Amanda Thaxton '06
  • I loved the individual attention from faculty members. Whether it was Dr. Bragg calling me to remind me to wake up for my music theory final exam, dinners at Dr. Dillashaw's house, and Drs. Warman and Angew challenging me to excel at my academic work; all the faculty members took a sincere interest in my future success and made me feel like I mattered to the world. —Stephen Charles '03
  • All my professors, especially Dr. Danieley, my adviser and second father. 2. That my daughter, Katherine (Class of 2014), is there now ... and loves it as much as I did (and still do). 3. The Senior Oak. 4. The ivy-covered colonnades. 5. The brick walk from Williamson Avenue to the old Student Union building. 6. The white columns (and the red brick with white trim). 7. Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity (it was Number One when I was there). 8. The ice storm during Winter Term 1979. 9. The fact that all the "academic" buildings were inside the brick wall (1980). 10. It was possible to know everyone on campus...if not by name, at least by face. 11. The train tracks (and the trains). 12. What I am today ... because of Elon. —Chris Jones '80
  • I love that every time I step on campus, despite the years that have passed since graduation and the amount of renovations that the school has undergone, I still feel connected to Elon; it feels like home. The brick pathways, the collegiate buildings, the smiling faces of students and professors, and the lifelong friendships I've found at this institution all hold a special place in my heart. I'm proud to call Elon University my alma mater. Long Live Elon! —Alaina Artin  '09
  • I love Elon for being Elon! It's a safe place to expand your mind to new thoughts and new experiences. I talk about my Elon experience daily—friends, teachers, staff, studying abroad, the "bubble"and the beauty! I'm so glad that my high school teacher encouraged me to visit, that my parents gave their blessing for me to attend, and that I wasn't fearful of experiencing a whole new world! Long Live Elon! —Dannielle Dixon Thomas '00
  • I love the sense of community at Elon. Wherever I went on campus, I always felt welcome. —Angela Medeiros '00
  • I absolutely love that Elon tends to hire wonderful people. I've had the privilege of working with several faculty and staff members and they all seem to genuinely want students to succeed. I love my job because the staff members in my office constantly look for ways to help the students reach professional and personal goals. Whether it's encouraging me to pursue additional independent study, recommending internships opportunities, matching my interests with projects in the office or just inviting me to lunch, Elon faculty and staff truly make students a priority. I love my Elon family! —Lori Schachle '15
  • The bond that stays with you, even after you graduate. Seeing an Elon bumper sticker on the road in traffic or an Elon sweatshirt in the airport adds some brightness to my day. —Katie Roberts '10
  • I absolutely loved the campus feel before 8 a.m. classes. Somehow I managed to have an eight o'clock class every semester of college, but by the end of my senior year at Elon I had grown to love that time of morning. I loved walking around the misty Moseley lawn with my Acorn coffee in hand and walking to early communications classes with the sun shining through the west area Oaks. It's a view I'll dearly miss! —Madelyn Smith '13
  • I love the camaraderie that existed between everyone in my department. The 50 or so fellow students in the Department of Exercise Science and all the faculty we interacted with made my time at Elon meaningful. During class we got to benefit from the experiences of leading professionals and had access to top-notch equipment. Outside of class, we were still part of a supportive community as we helped each other learn how to use sphygmomanometers, study for practicals and apply to graduate programs. —Brett Gladish '13
  • I love the fact that Elon is botanical garden. Sometimes, I would just walk around campus and think to myself, "I can't believe this is where I go to college!" It really is paradise. —Bert Brokaw '13
  • What I love about Elon is that there are many opportunities that are laid out in front of you from day one. Take the Watson and Odyssey Scholarship program, which has allowed me as a first generation college student to be a part of the Elon experience. The Watson scholarship provides me with $21,000 a year and an extra $4,000 to study abroad in any place of my choice. Spring 2013 I participated in the Alternative Spring Break Trip in the Dominican Republic and during Fall 2013 (Aug. 22-Nov.27), I will be living a dream as I study abroad in Florence, Italy. This was all made possible by the Watson and Odyssey program. —Desmond Harrell '15
  • I love that I get to spend the next four years on this beautiful campus making memories that'll last a lifetime and that once the four years are successfully completed I get to be a proud Phoenix forever. Long Live Elon! —Britt Chertock '17
  • Elon is and will always be my home and my family. Leaving Elon is one of the hardest things I've ever done. Even now, a year after graduating, there are days where I crave the community of Elon. The beauty of Elon is always in my heart. —Brenna Lakeson '12
  • Late Night McEwen —Ben Kaiser '16
  • I really enjoy how readily integrated everything is. And not just from a functional perspective, but in how easily relationships between faculty, staff and students are formed. —Thomas Robbins '14
  • I learned to love learning at Elon. —Jena Tenley Black '01
  • I love that I have friends who have become more like family and an alma mater that is more like a home away from home. Former professors and staff/faculty members are extended family members and confidants. It's as if my association with Elon (College now University) has grown with me. —Ruby Thornton '99
  • From the first moment I stepped on campus Elon was my home. My dearest friends I met on Virginia second floor and in the circle of sisterhood and my love affair with Elon grew at College Coffee, lighting of the luminaries for the holidays, at Fonville Fountain, Under the Oaks and at the Koury Center. The squirrels, the acorns, the oaks, the bricks that tripped me daily, the memories may fade but my fondness never will. Long live Elon. —Aimee Carter '97
  • I love all of the opportunities Elon has to offer in regards to getting involved in clubs and organizations. My a cappella group, Vital Signs, has been a huge part of my college experience and has given a group of friends I will remain close with for life. It is very hard to find a student on campus who isn’t over-committed because of the multitude of experiences Elon provides. —Nicholas Cook '15
  • "Oh the people you'll meet!" My orientation leader told me in August 2005 that during my time at Elon, I'd know people everywhere I went but I'd meet someone new every day. And it was true—my life has been changed forever by the people I met at Elon, whether they were the life long friends I met during New Student Orientation or my now-boyfriend who I met in the last weeks of senior year in May 2009. —Emily Favret '09
  • The soul of Elon resides in the strong character of its alumni. —Mike Duggins '92
  • Elon is such a special place; I always look forward to Homecoming and visiting with friends who made my time there so memorable. —Erica Preusse '99
  • I love everything about Elon. I love that it's always looking forward to the future while maintaining a respect for the past. I love that I can't help but smile when thinking of all the amazing things I was able to accomplish as a student. Mostly, I love the people—what a special place! —Jennifer Tucci '09, G'12
  • I love not only the friendships that I developed and continued post-Elon but also the fact that Elon is family! This fact is what I loved the most about Elon—the value of family (to provide and support one another). It shaped my Elon experience a lot and is what I cherish most from all those I encountered over the years as a alum and a student. —Cedric Pulliam '12
  • I love Elon for the exceptional programs that it offers for all personalities. I love that Elon pushed me to study abroad and taught me to be the best teacher I could be. I REALLY love Elon for Campus Recreation. Working there taught me to be an employee that future companies want to hire and a leader who knows the value of leading by example. My lifelong friends are my co-workers and my heart will always have a special place for CR. OTOG. —Jenna Rice '10
  • There are so many little and big things I love about Elon. The sense of community in our gorgeous bubble, the incredible opportunities available to all student and the great education you get. But the top three things that I loved about Elon and that shaped my college experience were singing in Twisted Measure (TM4L!), working in Campus Recreations and being a sister in Alpha Omicron Pi. I met the best people in those organizations, and my life is forever changed by them. —Kaity Shaw Rowe '08
  • I love that Elon is a place that feels like home. Being that Elon is such a small school and it practically makes the Town of Elon what it is, growing up here and being able to come here is a blessing. I have seen the transformation of this campus and school atmosphere over the years, and it is beautiful. Elon is a place where the color of fall leaves are as aesthetic as the art of teaching and learning that this university cultivates. Elon is home. —CJ Moore '15
  • I love that no matter where I am or what generation of alum I meet the experience is the same. The Elon experience creates a common ground that supersedes age, gender or locale. —Tracey Helton Lewis '93
  • I love Elon because of all the wonderful opportunities I have had here. I have found God again because of my sisterhood on this campus, and I have had a wonderful internship working with the district attorney's office. In my last 2 1/2 years at Elon, I have done more, and have had more chances to pursue my dreams than I ever thought I would have. Long Live Elon! Live the Maroon Life! —Kelli Anne Gecawich '15