Elon University Alumni Association

Brick Campaign FAQs

Don’t see your question answered in the FAQ? Contact Sarah Bailey at sbailey8@elon.edu or (336) 278-7436.

How can I order a brick?
All brick orders must be made online. If you have further questions please call Sarah Bailey (336) 278-7436
Who can order a brick?
Due to the location of the brick installment at the new Martin Alumni Center, bricks are available strictly for alumni of the university.
What is the cost of a brick?
For a gift of $125, Elon will have a brick engraved in your honor.
Are bricks tax deductible?
Yes, bricks are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. All gifts are made payable to Elon University, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Will I own the brick?
You are making a gift to Elon University. The bricks will belong to Elon University and remain on the terrace of the new Martin Alumni Center.
Is there a sales tax?
No, additional sales tax does not apply.
What payment options are available?
You may make your one time gift by credit card or set up five consecutive monthly payments. Payments can be made online using our secure giving page. If you choose to pay over a five-month period, the amount paid within the calendar year is tax deductible.
Where does my gift go?
Your gift will support the best of Elon—quality academics, student scholarships, outstanding faculty, premier facilities and distinctive opportunities such as the Elon Experiences.
How can I be sure that the text on the brick will be correct?
When you place your order online, you will be able to type in exactly what you want to appear on your brick. We will engrave exactly what is entered. Pay special attention and review it carefully before submitting in order to prevent errors.
Class years will be displayed in two-digit form. (i.e. John Smith class of 1989 will read John Smith ’89)
Greek letter organizations will be displayed on the actual brick in Greek letters, however in the online form you must fully spell out your organization’s name. (i.e. ΔΔΔ on your brick should be written as Delta Delta Delta on your online form.)
If I order a brick and change my mind, can I cancel the order?
All brick reservations are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded.
When and where will engraved bricks be installed?
When you reserve your brick by September 1, 2013, it will be in place by Homecoming (November 8-10). Bricks will be located near the new Martin Alumni Center on the corner of O’Kelly Drive and Haggard Avenue. 
It can not be guaranteed that your brick is installed next to a requested  friend or family member.
How will I find my brick when I visit campus?
All bricks will be located near the new Martin Alumni Center. A locator guide will be housed in the center for easy reference.
What is an example of what other Alums are putting on their bricks?
John Smith ’89
Elon Football
Elizabeth Margaret
Jennings ’99
Matthew Davis ’01
Marie Davis ’03
Options for brick engraving include: name, class year, sport, major, school, fraternity letters, sorority letters and other affinities.
What size is the brick?
The bricks will be 4”x 8”.
How many lines of text will fit on a brick?
1-3 lines of text are engravable on a brick.
How many letters fit on a line?
18 characters are allowed per line of text. A character consists of a letter, number, punctuation mark and blank spaces.
What is the last date I can order?
Bricks are available in limited quantities and will be reserved on a first come, first served basis until May 31, 2013.
What if I have already made a gift to Elon this year or have a recurring gift set up?
Thank you! In order to reserve your brick, an additional gift of $125 must be made.
Will my brick reservation cost count towards my Elon Society recognition?
If you chose to support Elon at The Elon Society level, this gift of $125 will be counted toward your total giving for the year.
Click here for more information about The Elon Society.