Students already taking classes at Elon must secure pre-approval for any courses they wish to transfer. Please refer to the Academic Catalog,, for the complete list of rules governing transfer of credit. Keep in mind that credits will not transfer for a course in which the student has already earned credit hours at Elon.

Please submit the transfer request form to secure pre-approval: request to transfer credit form.

This table contains previously evaluated courses from other institutions along with the corresponding Elon course equivalent. It does not list all courses from all colleges.

If you are a student applying for admission to Elon who has completed course work elsewhere, please have an official college transcript sent to the Elon Admissions Office. You do not need to complete a pre-approval form.

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CourseCreditTitleElon CourseElon CreditTitleComments
ACC 1204.00000Prin of Financial AccountingACC*2014Principles of Accounting 
ACC 1214.00000Prin of Managerial AccountingACC*2124Principles of Managerial Acct 
ACC 1223.00000Prin of Financial Account IIACC*2XX3ACC Elective Course 
ACC 2204.00000Intermediate Accounting IACC*2XX4ACC Elective Course 
ACC 2214.00000Intermediate Accounting IIACC*2XX4ACC Elective Course 
ACC 2263.00000Advanced Managerial AccountingACC*2XX3ACC Elective Course 
ACC 2273.00000Practices in AccountingACC*2XX3ACC Elective Course 
ACC-120*A4.00000Principles of Financial AccounACC*2014Principles of Accounting 
ART 1113.00000Art AppreciationART*1XX3ART Elective Course 
ART 1143.00000Art History Survey IARH*2103Art History of Ancient World 
ART 1313.00000Drawing IART*2013Drawing I 
ASL 1113.00000Elementary Asl IHSS*1153American Sign Language I 
ASL 1123.00000Elementary Asl IIHSS*1163American Sign Language II 
BIO 1104.00000Principles of BiologyBIO*1013Topics in General Biology 
BIO 1104.00000Principles of BiologyBIO*1021General Biology Laboratory 
BIO 1114.00000General Biology IBIO*1113Introductory Cell Biology 
BIO 1114.00000General Biology IBIO*1131Cell Biology Laboratory 
BIO 1124.00000General Biology IIBIO*1314Biodiversity 
BIO 1403.00000Environmental BiologyBIO*1053Current Issues in Biology 
BIO 1553.00000NutritionBIO*1053Current Issues in Biology 
BIO 168/1698.00000Anatomy & Physiology I/IIBIO*2633Human Anatomy 
BIO 168/1698.00000Anatomy & Physiology I/IIBIO*2643Human Physiology 
BIO 168/1698.00000Anatomy & Physiology I/IIBIO*2651Human Anatomy Laboratory 
BIO 168/1698.00000Anatomy & Physiology I/IIBIO*2661Human Physiology Laboratory 
BIO 2754.00000MicrobiologyBIO*2534Gen Microbio Health Professnl 
BTC 1503.00000BioethicsBIO*1053Current Issues in Biology 
BUS 1103.00000Introduction to BusinessBUS*1XX3BUS Elective Course 
BUS 1153.00000Business Law IBUS*1XX3BUS Elective Course 
BUS 1373.00000Principles of ManagementBUS*1XX3BUS Elective Course 
CHM 1303.00000Gen, Org, & BiochemistryCHM*1XX3CHM Elective Course 
CHM 130A1.00000Gen, Org, & Biochemistry LabLAB*1XX1Lab Science Elective Course 
CHM 1313.00000Intro to ChemistryLAB*1XX4Lab Science Elective Course 
CHM 1313.00000Intro to ChemistryCHM*1XX3CHM Elective Course 
CHM 131/ L4.00000Intro to Chemistry/LabCHM*1114General Chemistry I 
CHM 131A1.00000Intro to Chemistry LabLAB*1XX4Lab Science Elective Course 
CHM 131A1.00000Intro to Chemistry LabLAB*1XX1Lab Science Elective Course 
CHM 1514.00000General Chemistry ICHM*1114General Chemistry I 
CHM 1524.00000General Chemistry IICHM*1124General Chemistry II 
CJC 1113.00000Intro to Criminal JusticeCJS*1XX3CJS Elective Course 
CJC 1123.00000CriminologyCJS*1XX3CJS Elective Course 
CJC 1213.00000Law Enforcement OperationsCJS*1XX3CJS Elective Course 
CJC 1313.00000Criminal LawPOL*1XX3POL Elective Course 
CJC 2133.00000Substance AbuseCJS*2XX3CJS Elective Course 
COM 1103.00000Introduction to CommunicatioCOM*1XX3Com Elective Course 
COM 1203.00000Intro to Interpersonal ComCOM*2623Interpersonal Communication 
COM 2113.00000Public SpeakingIDS*1153Public Speaking 
COM 2313.00000Public SpeakingIDS*1153Public Speaking 
COM 231 *U3.00000Public SpeakingIDS*1153Public Speaking 
DRA 1113.00000Theatre AppreciationDTS*1023Introduction to Theatre 
ECO 2513.00000Prin of MicroeconomicsECO*1XX3ECO Elective Course 
ECO 251/2526.00000Principle of Micro/MacroeconomECO*1116Principles of Economics 
ECO 251/252 6.00000Prin of Micro/MacroeconomicsECO*1116Principles of Economics 
ECO 2523.00000Prin of MicroeconomicsECO*1XX3ECO Elective Course 
EDU 1194.00000Intro to Early Child EducEDU*1XX4EDU Elective Course 
EDU 1313.00000Child, Family, and CommunityEDU*1XX3EDU Elective Course 
EDU 1443.00000Child Development IEDU*1XX3EDU Elective Course 
EDU 1453.00000Child Development IIEDU*1XX3EDU Elective Course 
EDU 1463.00000Child GuidanceEDU*1XX3EDU Elective Course 
EDU 1533.00000Health, Safety, and NutritionEDU*1XX3EDU Elective Course 
EDU 2164.00000Foundations of EducationEDU*2XX4EDU Elective Course 
EGR 1502.00000Intro to EngineeringEGR*1XX2EGR Elective Course 
ENG 1113.00000Writing and InquiryENG*1XX3ENG Elective Course 
ENG 1123.00000Writing/Research in the DiscENG*1103Writing: Argument and Inquiry 
ENG 112*U3.00000Writing Research in the DiacENG*1103Writing: Argument and Inquiry 
ENG 112/HIS 1214.00000Argument Based Research/WesterMTH*1XX4MTH Elective Course 
ENG 1133.00000Literature-Based ResearchENG*1103Writing: Argument and Inquiry 
ENG 1143.00000Prof Research & ReportingENG*1103Writing: Argument and Inquiry 
ENG 1153.00000Oral CommunicationIDS*1152Public Speaking 
ENG 1253.00000Creativing Writing IENG*2133Creative Writing 
ENG 1313.00000Introduction to LiteratureENG*2503Interpretations of Literature 
ENG 1313.00000Introduction to LiteratureENG*2503Interpretations of Literature 
ENG 1513.00000Univ Wrtng SmnrENG*1XX3ENG Elective Course 
ENG 2313.00000American Literature IENG*2233American Lit Before 1865 
ENG 2323.00000American Literature IIENG*2243American Lit After 1865 
ENG 2413.00000British Literature IENG*2213British Literatr before 1800 
ENG 2423.00000British Literature IIENG*2223British Literature After 1800 
ENG1113.00000Expository WritingENG*1XX3ENG Elective Course 
GEL 1114.00000GeologyLAB*1XX4Lab Science Elective Course 
GEL 111 4.00000GeologyLAB*1XX4Lab Science Elective Course 
GEL-1114.00000GeologyPHY*1034Introduction to Geology 
GRA 1512.00000Computer Graphics ICOM*1XX2Com Elective Course 
GRA 1522.00000Computer Graphics IICOM*1XX2Com Elective Course 
GRD 121/ 1314.00000Drawing Fundamentals I/ IllustART*1124Fundamentals of Design 
GRD 1414.00000Graphic Design ICOM*1XX4Com Elective Course 
GRD 1424.00000Graphic Design IICOM*1XX4Com Elective Course 
GRD 1673.00000Photographic Imaging IART*1XX3ART Elective Course 
GRD 167/ 1686.00000Photographic Imaging I/IiART*2606Intro Intermedia/Photography 
GRD 1683.00000Photographic Imaging IIART*1XX3ART Elective Course 
GRD 2414.00000Graphic Design IIICOM*2XX4COM Elective Course 
GRD 2424.00000Graphic Design IVCDE*2584Visual Communication 
GRD 2653.00000Digital Print ProductionCOM*2XX3COM Elective Course 
GRD 271/ 2724.00000Multimedia Design I & IICOM*2204Creating Multimedia Content 
HEA 1103.00000Personal Health/WellnessWHE*1113Contemporary Wellness Issues 
HEA 1103.00000Personal Health/WellnessWHE*1113Contemporary Wellness Issues 
HIS 102 3.00000His West Civ IIHST*1123Search for Order Modern Europe 
HIS 1113.00000World Civilizations IHST*1113Making of the West to 1500 
HIS 1123.00000World Civilization IIHST*1123Search for Order Modern Europe 
HIS 1213.00000Western Civillization IHST*1113Making of the West to 1500 
HIS 1223.00000Western Civilization IIHST*1123Search for Order Modern Europe 
HIS 1313.00000American History IHST*1213Unruly Origins: US to 1865 
HIS 1323.00000American History IIHST*1223Contested Democ/US since 1865 
HIS 2113.00000Ancient HistoryHST*2XX3HST Elective Course 
HIS 2123.00000Medieval HistoryHST*2XX3HST Elective Course 
HOR 1243.00000Nursery OperationsENS*2323Solar Grhs/4th Seasn Harvest 
HOR 1343.00000Greenhouse OperationsENS*1XX3ENS Elective Course 
HOR 1623.00000Applied Plant ScienceBIO*1XX3BIO Elective Course 
HOR 1663.00000Soils and FertilizersBIO*1XX3BIO Elective Course 
HOR 2453.00000Hor Specialty CropsENS*2202Garden Studio/Fall Winter 
HOR 2533.00000Horticulture TurfgrassENS*2XX3ENS Elective Course 
HOR 2552.00000InteriorscapesENS*2XX2ENS Elective Course 
HOR 2603.00000Plant: Materials IIBIO*2XX3BIO Elective Course 
HUM 1103.00000Technology and SocietySCY*1XX3SCY Elective Course 
HUM 1153.00000Critical ThinkingPHL*2103Critical Thinking 
HUM 1223.00000Southern CultureSCY*1XX3SCY Elective Course 
HUM 1303.00000Myth in CultureSCY*1XX3SCY Elective Course 
HUM 1503.00000American Womens StudiesWGS*1103Sex and Gender 
HUM 1603.00000Introduction to FilmCOM*1XX3Com Elective Course 
MAT 1153.00000Mathematical ModelsMTH*1XX3MTH Elective Course 
MAT 151/A4.00000Statistics I/LabSTS*1104Intro to Statistical Reasoning 
MAT 1524.00000Statistical Methods ISTS*1104Intro to Statistical Reasoning 
MAT 1613.00000College AlgebraGEN*1XX3General Elective 
MAT 1713.00000Precalculus AlgebraGEN*1XX4General Elective 
MAT 1713.00000Precalculus AlgebraGEN*1XX3General Elective 
MAT 171 L1.00000Precalculus Algebra LabGEN*1XX1General Elective 
MAT 171/ 171A4.00000Precalculus Algebra/ LabGEN*1XX4General Elective 
MAT 171/ MAT 174.00000Precalculus Algebra Lab/ PrecaGEN*1XX4General Elective 
MAT 171/A4.00000Precalculus Algebra/LabGEN*1XX4General Elective 
MAT 171A1.00000Precalculus Algebra LabGEN*1XX4General Elective 
MAT 1724.00000Precalculus AlgebraGEN*1XX4General Elective 
MAT 1723.00000Precalculus TrigonometryMTH*1XX4MTH Elective Course 
MAT 172/ 172A4.00000Precalculus Trigonometry/ LabMTH*1XX4MTH Elective Course 
MAT 172/ MAT 174.00000Precalculus Tigonometry/ PrecaMTH*1XX4MTH Elective Course 
MAT 172A1.00000Precalculus Trig LabMTH*1XX4MTH Elective Course 
MAT 2714.00000Calculus IMTH*1514Calculus I 
MAT 2724.00000Calculus IIMTH*2514Calculus II 
MAT 2853.00000Differential ?MTH*2XX3Mth Elective Course 
MED 1223.00000Medical Terminology IIESS*1203Medical Terminology 
MLT 1165.00000Anatomy & Med TerminologyESS*1205Medical Terminology 
MLT 140/2406.00000Intro/Special Clin MicrobiologBIO*2536Gen Microbio Health Professnl 
MTH 1524.00000Statistical Methods ISTS*1104Intro to Statistical Reasoning 
MUS 1103.00000Music AppreciationMUS*1XX3MUS Elective Course 
MUS 110*U3.00000Music AppreciationMUS*1XX3MUS Elective Course 
MUS 1123.00000Introduction to JazzMUS*1XX3MUS Elective Course 
MUS 1311.00000Chorus IMUS*1021Chorale 
MUS 1321.00000Chorus IIMUS*1021Chorale 
MUS 2311.00000Chorus IIIMUS*1021Chorale 
PED 1102.00000Fit and Well for LifePED*1XX2PED Elective Course 
PED 1201.00000Walking for FitnessPED*1XX1PED Elective Course 
PED 1221.00000YogaPED*1XX1PED Elective Course 
PED 2321.00000AikidoPED*1XX1PED Elective Course 
PED 2401.00000Advanced Pr SkillsPED*2XX1PED Elective Course 
PHD 2223.00000Video ProductionCOM*2XX3COM Elective Course 
PHD 2423.00000Digital Cideo Prod & EdCOM*2XX3COM Elective Course 
PHI 2153.00000Philosophical IssuesPHL*1103What Can We Know 
PHI 2403.00000Introduction to EthicsPHL*1123How Should We Live 
PHL 1003.00000Intro to PhilPHL*1103What Can We Know 
PHO 2223.00000Video ProductionCOM*2XX3COM Elective Course 
PHY 110/A4.00000Conceptual Physics /LabPHY*1014Conceptual Physics 
PHY 1514.00000College Physics IPHY*2014General Physics I 
PHY 1524.00000College Physics IIPHY*2024General Physics II 
PHY 2514.00000General Physics IPHY*2214University Physics I 
POL 1203.00000American GovernmentPOL*1113American Government 
POL 1303.00000State and Local GovPOL*1113American Government 
PSY 1113.00000General PsychologyPSY*1113Introduction to Psychology 
PSY 1503.00000General PsychologyPSY*1113Introduction to Psychology 
PSY 150 *U3.00000General PsychologyPSY*1113Introduction to Psychology 
PSY 2413.00000Developmental PsychPSY*2403Lifespan Development 
PSY 263 3.00000Educational PsychologyPSY*2XX3PSY Elective Course 
PSY 2813.00000Abnormal PsychologyPSY*2XX3PSY Elective Course 
PSY-1503.00000General PsychologyPSY*1113Introduction to Psychology 
REL 1103.00000World ReligionsREL*1103Religion in a Global Context 
REL 2113.00000Intro to Old TestamentREL*1313Jewish Biblical Lit in Context 
REL 2123.00000Intro to New TestamentREL*1323Early Christian Lit in Context 
RLS 1043.00000World ReligionsREL*1103Religion in a Global Context 
SOC 1013.00000Compartv SocSOC*1113Introductory Sociology 
SOC 2103.00000Introduction to SociologySOC*1113Introductory Sociology 
SOC 210*U3.00000Introduction to SociolgySOC*1113Introductory Sociology 
SOC 2133.00000Sociology of the FamilySOC*2XX3SOC Elective Course 
SOC 2203.00000Social ProblemsSOC*2203Social Issues Local Community 
SOC 2423.00000Sociology of DevianceSOC*2XX3SOC Elective Course 
SPA 1113.00000Elementary Spanish ISPN*1213Elementary Spanish I 
SPA 111/ 1814.00000Elementary Spanish/ LabSPN*1214Elementary Spanish I 
SPA 111/1814.00000Elementary Spanish I & LabSPN*1214Elementary Spanish I 
SPA 1123.00000Elementary Spanish IISPN*1223Elementary Spanish II 
SPA 112/ 1824.00000Elementary Spanish Ii/ LabSPN*1224Elementary Spanish II 
SPA 112/1824.00000Elementary Spanish II & LabSPN*1224Elementary Spanish II 
SPA 1413.00000Culture and CivilizationCIV*1XX3CIV Elective Course 
SPA 2113.00000Intermediate Spanish ISPN*2213Intermediate Spanish I 
SPA 2313.00000Reading and CompositionSPN*2213Intermediate Spanish I 
WEB 1153.00000Web Markup and ScriptingCOM*2103Web and Mobile Communications 
WEB 1403.00000Web Development ToolsCOM*2XX3COM Elective Course