From the Flame CLUES

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Week TEN (10)

RIP – Join SUB and watch either RBG or The Report this weekend. Scan the QR code for times.
[10 points]

And Bingo Was His Name-O – Join SUB for bingo on Thursday at 10:30pm. Virtual LINK.
[10 points, bonus points for winners]

The Human Ipod – John Rush takes you on a musical journey like no other one-man show can. Singing and playing guitar/ bass/harmonica/ piano/ saxophone/ banjo/ keyboard and percussion John Rush plays his own original music and songs you know. If you think you’ve seen this before, you’re wrong. John Rush is not just another singer/songwriter! Join us Friday 10pm at Young Commons.
[10 points]

Boozie With the Best of Them – This fizzy favorite has a taste all its own, dream up the next latest and greatest flavor of LaCroix and share it in a short ad for points!
[10 points]

‘Tis the Season – Make your own ugly holiday sweater! Bonus points if you can make your sweater Elon-themed.
[10 points]

THANK YOU – Send a message of appreciation to your favorite professor, RA, mentor, classmate or family member. (Bonus points for putting together a handwritten note and delivering it to your person. Even MORE bonus points for posting it on social media)
[10 points]

Putt-putt – Build your own golf course! Set up by Sunday evening on Young Commons. Hint hint: you’ll get a higher turnout if you set it up on Saturday during Community on the Commons 🙂
[10 points; bonus points for multiple holes and getting other people to come play as well]

Word Search @ElonTraditions – 13, 25 6 4 8 26! 18 7 15 20 2 22 14 16 5 21 20 12. 4 23 24 3 1, 9 10 17 19. 11, 20 2
[10 points]

  1. TikTok
  2. Judges
  3. A
  4. It
  5. Time
  6. Made
  7. Something
  8. To
  9. Favorite
  10. Memory
  11. XOXO
  12. Challenge
  13. Congratulations
  14. Encompassed
  15. With
  16. Your
  17. Or
  18. Share
  19. Moment
  20. The
  21. In
  22. That
  23. Can
  24. Be
  25. You’ve
  26. Week10

Week NINE (9)

Happy Halloween – Join SUB and participate in some fun Halloween activities! Click HERE for more info on this weekend’s programming.
[2 points per teammate per event] [out of 20 total]

Get Engaged – Join Elon Votes and Late Night Elon for Election and Voting Trivia this Friday at 10:30pm. Check Phoenix Connect for the Zoom link.
[3 points per teammate] [18 max]

Go Nutts! – Our squirrely friend is back, find him Friday! Check the @elontraditions for Nutty’s takeover and tips on spotting him.
[10 points]

Small Acts of Kindness – Go change the world! Our world has been angry… make a positive difference in someone’s life and do something nice for them.
[8 points]

Make it Move – What is movement, you ask? It could be flying, running, walking, rolling on wheels, floating, articulating appendages, opening and closing and so much more! As long as your project has movement, it counts.
[up to 30 points, but you have to earn them]

These Roots Run Deep – We all know Elon is a beautiful botanical garden, but have you ever taken the chance to enjoy Elon’s namesake? Find out how many different types of oak trees are there on campus.
[3 points]

Did you find the map? Enjoy the beautiful NC weather and collect the different shaped leaves and acorns (some are tiny; some are hairy; some are huge) from our beloved oaks!
[5 points]

Week EIGHT (8)

Sustainability Week – Learn to make coasters out of upcycled grocery bags and discuss ideas on how to reduce your own plastic consumption on Thursday at 5:00pm! (Zoom Meeting ID: 852 8890 8259 Passcode: 512908)
[7 points]

Spooky Szn – Get your Halloween on and participate in any of the festive events happening on campus this weekend: SUB pumpkin, SUBcinema IT: Chapter 2, The Addams Family, The Blair Witch Project, etc. Provide proof on moodle and publicize the events on social media.
[3 points per teammate]

Take Back The Night – Join (Link on PhoenixCONNECT) Thursday, Oct. 22 from 7-8:30 PM
[3 points per teammate]

AMONG US – Join the Council of Judges on Thursday 10/22 to play Among Us. We will send the link out via groupme.
[points based upon your ability, # of teammates, and task completion]

House or Nest? – Does our Phoenix live in a house or a nest or both?  Build our mascot a new home made out of entirely recycled/repurposed materials.  Deliver it to the Moseley Center Front Desk before Monday at 5pm.
[18.89 points]

All hail the GREAT PUMPKIN!  We want to see any and all pumpkin-themed projects.  Are you carving a pumpkin?  Making a pumpkin seed cornhole board?  Roasting pumpkin seeds to make desserts?  Show us your pumpkins… or bring us pie and muffins.
[20 points]

Show us your mask! – The newest accessory or expression of your identity.  Show us your best “Friday night” mask. …your most creative. …your most colorful. …your most unique….
[10 points]

Week SEVEN (7)

CHOICES! – Friday night go to the Grease Drive-In (9:00pm or 11:30pm; enter through Bank of America drive… at the Phoenix statue turn toward the football stadium) or watch The Conjuring on Young Commons (11pm).
[2 points per teammate, 20 points for rolling up with a DIY car]. 

Throwback Thursday – Join the Student Union Board for Trivia and test your knowledge of Elon history through the decades. (Join in McKinnon or via zoom at 10:30pm on Thursday.)
[2 points per teammate, bonus points for winners]

Community on the Commons – We may not have football right now, but we can still come together and enjoy our community.  Join us on Young Commons Saturday from 2pm – 7pm for some music, tailgating games, a food truck or two, vote for your favorite E, and watch the Royalty Reveal (at 4pm).
[5 points per teammate]

Brick Run – Run, walk, skip, roll or cartwheel 3.1 miles and post a photo with the hashtag #ElonatHome.  Do it on Saturday for a chance to be featured on Elon’s social media pages. Bonus points if you’re in Elon gear!
[10 points]

Phoenix Folds – In the sacred art of origami, every phold counts. Hatch a phlock of Phoenix and share photos as it lands all around campus.  #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity
[10 points]

Elon Analogy – Lake Verona : Dr. Danieley’s wife :: Lake Mary Nell : _____  (Give us the correct answer.  AND THEN, entertain the judges!)
[5 points]

Week SIX (6)

WANTED: School Spirit — Put your painting skills (think “cooler painting” level) to work and show your Elon pride. Pick up your giant “E” from Student Involvement (part of their DIY series and preparation for Homecoming activities) and make us proud!  (Check out the Homecoming Schedule for details.)
[30 points]

Maroon Monday — Sing the fight song.  On Monday, show your Phoenix pride and share on social media #FromtheFlame #ElonatHome. (Deadline extended until Monday at 5pm.)
[5 points for each social media post]

Me Time — This Saturday is World Mental Health Day. Take time for yourselves this weekend and send us your favorite form of self-care.
[5 points]

Get Spooked — Spooky season is here! Dust off those witch’s hats and broomsticks, and join our friends from SUB to watch any of the four showings of Halloweentown this weekend!
[2 points per team member]

You had me at BLM — Join BSU and Late Night Elon for trivia relating to Black culture! Play virtually or in-person (in McKinnon, Upstairs Lakeside, LaRose Commons, or Zoom).
[3 points per team member]

Bake it Happen — Happy National Cake Decorating Day on Saturday, October 10th! It’s also Malia’s birthday and we as a council 100% support you singing her happy birthday and bringing her a decorated cake (or drop off at Mosley front desk) :)))
[5 points]

ta? — Get your civic engagement on and join us in watching the vice presidential debates (Wednesday 9pm). Provide proof on Moodle with bonus points for reenacting your favorite debate moments.
[15 points]

What am I? — I am something people love or hate. I change peoples’ appearances and thoughts. If they take care of themselves I will go up even higher. To some people I will fool them. To others I am a mystery. Some people might want to try and hide me but I will show. No matter how hard people try I will never go down. What am I?
[3 points]

Week FIVE (5)

BINGO! — Put on your PJ’s and join SUB to play BINGO in the comfort of your own room or McKinnon Hall Thursday evening at 10:30pm.  (Go to PhoenixCONNECT Events for the Zoom link!)
[3 points for each team player]

Margo, Edith and Agnes — Come to Young Commons (Saturday, Oct. 2 at 10:30pm) with friends and your mask to watch these sweet girls and those little yellow guys save the world.
[2 points for each team member; post a pic to get the points]

STOP! — Create your own stop motion video (at least a minute long) and tell Elon a good story.  (Bonus for incorporating past From the Flame submissions and sharing it on social media!)
[30 points]

Picture This! — Your movie is ready for the big screen!  Now you have to advertise it. May the odds be ever in your favor, and may the best poster win!
[30 points]

You’ve Got A Friend In Me — Choose team colors, show teammate love, and make each other friendship bracelets (available in the Maker Hub). Share photos on Insta @ElonTraditions.
[15 points]

A Study in Hamburg — Deduce Sherlock Holmes’s favorite sandwich, and 3D print it for the Council of Judges.
[TBD points]

[10 points]

Week FOUR (4)

Jump On It – Join us at the family-friendly classic 21 Jump Street.
[3 points]

Let’s be FRIENDS – “They don’t know that we know they know we know”
[3 Points]

Get Mad – Send us your best mad libs. You best get someone NOT on your team to fill in the blanks (socially distanced and wearing masks of course). From there, it’s up to your team to act it out. Make sure it caters to the Council of Judges.
[7 points; bonus points for wearing costumes and sharing on social media!]

Edic gpu Ethcu – Ghju h wlbgvdu ie gpu wizudevt ucotuc ie piwu gphg ucoinlur ivd elxpglqx rwldlg hqn rfcoitlsur ivd gdlvcwphqg dubikudf edic gpu eldu.
[π² wilqgr; oiqvr wilqgr eid zphg fuhd gpu eldu ibbvddun]

I win! — A tale as old as time—screaming at relatives in the midst of a never-ending game of Monopoly. Now it’s time for you to show us your own cardboard creation. BYOB— Build your own board game, complete with pieces, board, and instructions!
[15 points]

Rube Goldberg — Create a Rube Goldberg to fill up a glass of water. Minimum 10 elements to complete the challenge. Bonus points for using all 5 basic machines and for sharing it on social media.
[30 points] 

Heads up for next week…STOP! — Create your own stop motion video that incorporates past From the Flame submissions and is at least 1 minute long. Bonus points for early submissions, but the judges value quality and cleverness. Additional bonus points for sharing it on social media.
[The points will not be released until the Council of Judges sees fit]

Week THREE (3)

Spending Spree — Support a local business this weekend and provide a pic!
[5 Points]

Did you know? — We of course all know the year China won its first Olympic medal, but did you know SUB is hosting Sports Trivia Night this Thursday at 10:30pm? (Link to Zoom)
[2 points to Gryffindor per team attendee]

Chip and Dale — Ferret out our furry friend! Judge Liam will be scampering around campus dressed as our favorite fuzzy friends on Friday, spot him and show us the proof!
[7 Points]

“It’s Saturday Night” — Send the Council your best sitcom cold open spoof video to introduce your crew.
[30 Points; bonus points for representative team costumes]

Turn the Beat Around — The Judges have exhausted all our Spotify playlists! Give us your best rendition of any, and we do mean ANY, memorable melody.
[30 Points; bonus for making your own instruments]

Name That Tune — When the clock strikes 5, which tune chimes?
[5 knells]

Be the Judge — Come up with a fun challenge/riddle/activity for next week. The best challenge will be added to a future list of clues.
[10 Points; best challenge/activity gains a sneak peek at next week’s clues]

Week TWO (2)

Did you read it? – Join Jennifer Eberhardt ina live video broadcast THIS Wednesday at 7:30 PM.  Remember, you must somehow show proof of attendance.
[10 points; bonus points for creative submissions shared on Insta #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity and answering the question on Moodle]

Have a Laugh – This Thursday. 10 PM.  Prepare to be amazed with SUB’s Student Comedian.
[10 points; bonus for sharing on Instagram #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity]

SUBtacular – What do you get when you cross Theos Arch with Crazy Rich Asians? Fun with friends and a blanket!
[5 points bonus for sharing on Instagram #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity]

Got Coffee? – If Sarah walked out of Snow Atrium with seven watermelons, how many cups of coffee does she have?
[10 points; email your answer to]

Show Us Your Nest – You remember Richard Branson’s island, right? Think that… but in a shoebox! MTV has shown us some of the coolest cribs around the block, now we want to see yours! Post a pic of your kicking home base (with your roommates’ permission of course).
[10 points; bonus for sharing on Instagram #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity #Elonbestnestcontest2020.  Any questions?  Email]

Flat Phoenix – Stanley was flat, flew around the world and helped you introduce yourself to your elementary classmates much like your stuffed Phoenix that soars around campus showing off a day in your life.
[50 points; bonus for sharing on Instagram #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity]

The Tale of Sokka – Roses are red, violets are blue, this isn’t a haiku, but we expect one from you. Send us your worst (correct) Haiku. Recite it in the most absurd possible way.
[30 points; bonus points for a themed costume #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity]

General Call for Papers – The Press Book of Journals (PB & J) is now accepting manuscripts for publication.  Appropriate paragraph-length theses will argue whether Boar’s Head or Acorn is better. By submitting a paper, all authors agree to Croque Monsieur Rules.
[30 points available based on the effectiveness of your persuasion. You know we love a good footnote]

Week ONE (1)

So you think you’re involved?  — Attend SGA’s Town Hall this Thursday at 7:30pm.  Location: WebEx (Link and password available here)
[2 points per teammate that attends the event]

BINGO! You know it! You know it! — Get comfy and win some prizes. Play Lazy BINGO with SUB on Thursday at 10PM. Location: McKinnon Hall or Zoom (link on PhoenixCONNECT or SUB Instragram)
[2 points for each person that plays Bingo; even MORE for a team that wins]

Here’s the t sis — Tomasek spilled the tea, but where does she keep it all?
[3 points]

Bring the beet in (Anything for you Beyonceeeeee) — Happy b-day Queen Bey (Sept 4)! Lip sync your favorite video in her honor.  (Don’t forget to follow the mask and safety guidelines – none of us want to be sent home!)
[20 points; bonus for costumes and sharing on Instagram #FromtheFlame and #ElonUniversity; negative points for solo performances]

Capture the Avatar and regain your honor — “Don’t be like Zuko, show us you haven’t lost your honor (coin)!”
[5 points each team member who posts a pic using #FromtheFlame #ElonUniversity] 

Join the Club! — Meet at the place that was once unknown and let’s see if we can tip it. If you know where this is, meet FromtheFlame on CPRewritten in the Toboggan server on Saturday (9/5) at approximately 3:00pm.
[30 points; bonus points if you have spy goggles or a puffle]

Dare to face Matt — Do…do do do doo do-do-doot.. Doot doot doot doOOoo do do doot doot do dooooo doo doo do du do du do do do doot doot—doot—doot—doot Wii Sports Challenge
[15 points; **check the insta for inspiration]


Team captains are added to the Moodle account.  Submit your responses there or on social media!