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A small group of people gathered around a table of doughnuts during College Coffee.

College Coffee

Every Tuesday

College Coffee is a weekly community event that started in 1984 shortly after Fonville Fountain opened in front of Alamance Building and brings Elon faculty, staff, and students together for fellowship. College Coffee offers conversation in a relaxed atmosphere while providing a morning snack. This event is held during the fall and spring semesters (undergraduate calendar) every Tuesday from 9:40 to 10:20 a.m. on Phi Beta Kappa Commons in the Lambert Academic Village.

A large group gathered in Numen Lumen Pavilion for a service.

Numen Lumen

Every Thursday

Numen Lumen is among the oldest of Elon student traditions, serving as a weekly reminder that the purpose of an Elon education is to see each student as a whole person whose mind, body and spirit deserve respect. It is a time and space to take a break from the busyness of the week and refresh the spirit. It is not a “worship service” but a time of reflection with a speaker and a musical or artistic performance provided by students, faculty, staff or special guests. Numen Lumen is held each Thursday from 9:50 to 10:20 a.m. in the Numen Lumen Pavilion and is open to the entire Elon community.

A group of students sitting on the floor in a circle having a discussion.

Burst the Bubble


Burst the Bubble programs are free, student-led, non-credit sessions during Winter Term that provide students an opportunity to share a talent, interest or skill with their peers. Typically, a Burst the Bubble program meets three times — once a week — for an hour each time. The programs don’t have homework, tests, outside assignments or grades. However, there is a ton of fun as students learn (or lead others as they learn) to knit, strum a guitar, play Dungeons and Dragons, swing dance, paint, do a standup routine or cook authentic Greek cuisine, to name just a few past topics.

Elon students with President Connie Ledoux Book at the President's Holiday Party

President’s Holiday Party for Students


In the late 1980s, President J. Fred Young invited the entire student body to the President’s home, Maynard House, for an evening of camaraderie in the spirit of the holiday season and the tradition was continued by President Leo M. Lambert. Through the years the reception has evolved and is now held at The Inn at Elon. In addition to delicious food and entertainment from student musicians, students can have their pictures taken with President Connie Ledoux Book — often in holiday-themed attire or with playful props.

Students playing video games at Cram Jam

Cram Jam

Before Finals Week

Late-night pancakes, bacon, eggs and potatoes are served to students during finals week by staff and faculty who might feel a little bit guilty for assigning that cumulative final exam. Sponsored by the Student Union Board (SUB) and the Inter-Residence Council (IRC), students come to Lakeside Dining Hall to fuel up and take a few moments to relax with their friends before jumping back into studying.

A student with their mentor standing on Elon's campus

Turning 21 Dinners

Throughout the Year

Since the spring of 1998, Elon has celebrated the 21st birthday of thousands of Elon students. This quarterly program brings together students and their campus mentors — someone who has played a special role in the student’s Elon experience — at a commemorative dinner. It is an opportunity to focus on this special birthday transition into full adulthood as students move with greater confidence into the future. Faculty and staff members serve as keynote speakers, offering inspiration and sharing the wisdom of their life experiences. Each program ends with the toast: “The best is yet to be!”