Minor Requirements

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

A minor in Professional Writing Studies requires the following:

ENG 215 Introduction to Professional Writing and Rhetoric * 4 sh
Twelve semester hours selected from the following courses; courses must be selected from at least two disciplines
12 sh
ART 260 Introduction to Intermedia and Photography  
ART 360 The Static Image in Digital Art  
ART 361 Internet Art  
BUS 202 Business Communications   
COM 110 Media Writing  
COM 310 Reporting for the Public Good  
COM 311 Broadcast News Writing  
COM 312 Strategic Writing  
COM 314 Writing for Broadcast and New Media  
COM 340 Feature Writing  
COM 368 Magazine Publishing  
ENG 211 Style and Editing  
ENG 212 Multimedia Rhetorics  
ENG 219 Writing Studies Survey  
ENG 304 Understanding Rhetoric  
ENG 310 International Rhetorics  
ENG 311 Publishing  
ENG 312 Visual Rhetorics  
ENG 313 Special Topics in Professional Writing and Rhetoric  
ENG 318 Writing Science  
ENG 319 Writing Center Workshop  
HST 301 Research Methods  
PHS 202 Research Methods in Public Health  
SEM 351 Marketing in Sport and Event Management  
SOC/ANT 215 Qualitative Research Methods  
SOC/ANT 216 Quantitative Research Methods  
  Required: Capstone (choose from the following options) 4 sh
ENG 481 Internship  
ENG 397 Writing as Inquiry  
ENG 282 CUPID Studio (2 sh) AND  
ENG 499 Research in Professional Writing (2 sh)  
 TOTAL 28-28 sh**  

*Note: With approval of the coordinator, ENG 304, Understanding Rhetoric, may be substituted for ENG 215. 

**reflects the fact that students might choose to take electives with existing prerequisites that would need to be fulfilled. 

The minor is jointly administered by the English department and the Interdisciplinary Writing Committee, chaired by the director of Writing Across the Curriculum. All questions should be referred to Dr. Pope-Ruark.

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