Professional Writing Studies Interdisciplinary Minor

Did you know that, according to a recent survey, 44% of employers believe new graduates are unprepared to write successfully in a professional environment? And that 46% of those surveyed felt new graduates lacked effective communication skills in general? Another survey of employers found that 70.2% of hiring managers look for written communication skills on an applicant’s resume, and 68.9% are looking for evidence of verbal communication skills too.

The Professional Writing Studies minor is designed for students in any major interested in more focused study and practice in applied writing. This interdisciplinary minor prepares students with writing and speaking skills needed to succeed in today’s organizations, both non-proft and for-profit.

What are PWS alumni saying about the minor?

100% of PWS alumni surveyed in 2016 said they use their PWS skills every day!

“My PWS classes were some of the most valuable I took at Elon.”

“I learned a lot about writing for specific audiences, which has helped many times while working in public relations. Targeting a specific audience is basically what I do every day now.”

“Communication is a powerful tool, but you have to be able to harness it correctly to be most effective. My PWS classes taught me this, as well as helping me realize my particular communication strengths and weaknesses. What my PWS training allowed me to do was..hone my writing for a particular audience, tailor my messaging, be succinct or detailed as individual situations required, and be convincing. Without a doubt, I use my PWS training daily.”

The minor offered a “very thorough and philosophical look at writing and rhetoric. More than just surface writing, we looked at how and why language matters.”

What does the PWS minor entail?

A required introductory course (PWR 2110) prepares students to see writing broadly as a complex, highly situated form of social action and production. Three required practice electives engage students in hands-on projects where they learn to apply advanced practical writing skills within specific contexts. Finally, students may choose among three Capstone Experience options to best fulfill their goals to apply their theoretical learning and practical strategies in actual disciplinary or professional writing contexts.

The minor requires a minimum of 20-28 semester hours. Practice/applied courses must be chosen from at least two disciplines. View the minor course requirements.