Women's/Gender Studies - Minor Requirements

2014-15 Undergraduate Academic Catalog

Women's/Gender Studies Minor Requirements:

A W/GS minor requires a total of 20 credit hours, including,

WGS 300  Current Controversies in Feminism (4 hours). 

This interdisciplinary course, designed for students ready to do advanced work, will
explore several of the most highly contested issues within feminist thought and
activism. Particular attention will be paid to writings by women marginalized by race,
class, nationality and/or sexuality. Students will be expected to undertake a research
project and/or activism. Prerequisite: Two courses in the WGS curriculum. Offered
spring semester.

16 hours from a variety of courses.

WGS students are welcome to design an internship for WGS credit or an independent study with an appropriate faculty member.  If you are interested in these options, please contact the WGS director for information and guidance.

Declare a Women's/Gender Studies Minor:

If you are interested in becoming a Women's/Gender Studies minor, declare your minor early so as to take advantage of all the program has to offer. Simply print out and complete the attached form (Minor Declaration Form) and/ or contact the program director, Kim Epting at lepting@elon.edu.

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