Information Security @ Elon

Elon University supports the principles of academic freedom and the free exchange of ideas.  An information security program has been created with the intentions to support these principles while still maintaining an appropriate level of data privacy and security.  Information security is crucial to all academic and business operations at Elon.

Faculty and staff members of Elon University work with, store, and manage information that is valuable to the university.  It is everyone's responsibility to be knowledgeable about ways to protect that information  as well as your own personal information.  The main purpose for the information security program is to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of university information.  Blog posts and a Moodle course will help educate you on ways to help protect the university information entrusted to you.  The information in this program can also educate you on how to protect yourself from the continually changing threats we all face online.

Blog Posts

An information security category has been added to the technology blog to provide helpful tips and ways to protect your personal and university data.  You can access the blog by going to

Report an Information Security Incident or Suspicious Behavior

If you suspect your personal or professional information has been compromised, you should report the incident to the Office of Instructional & Campus Technologies via email at or by phone 336.278.5055.  Incidents could be related to  theft, loss of a device, hacking, an electronic virus, or unauthorized use of university access.  If you are the witness to an inappropriate or offensive use of university email or networks, this should also be reported.

Thank you for doing your part in protecting Elon's valuable information.  Information security is the responsibility of all of us.