Academic Technology and Computing Committee

The Academic Technology and Computing Committee's (ATACC) purpose is three-fold:

1) To make recommendations regarding improvement, extension and development of the services and facilities provided to make computational and multimedia technologies available for academic use.

2) To report to the faculty regarding the level of provision of educational technology to the academic community both in absolute terms and in comparative terms relative to other institutions.

3)To serve as a liaison committee between the faculty, the students, academic computing, and the media services center and to discuss administrative matters pertaining to the provision of suitable technological support of the academic function.

ATACC also administers a software grant fund open to all teaching faculty members.  If there is a piece of software, hardware or a mobile application that could help enhance your teaching but is not currently available to you, please use the ATACC Grants links on the left-hand side of this page to submit a grant proposal to ATACC.