ATACC Grants

ATACC awards grants to faculty members to facilitate the use and evaluation of new software, hardware, apps, and/or one-time subscriptions or licenses for instruction or other teaching activities. ATACC grants are designed for the purpose of evaluating the integration of the technology into the recipient’s teaching. The goal of ATACC grants is to allow the recipient the opportunity to evaluate an item of technology for its ability to enhance a course or courses. Submissions for standard grants are accepted by ATACC on a continuing basis from planning week to February 19th of the same academic year.

Faculty members interested in applying for an ATACC grant should follow these steps:

  1. Download and read one of the forms listed below. Be sure that your proposal is in keeping with the guidelines for ATACC grants, which are detailed on the first page of each application form. If you are unsure, the Grant Application Rubric (also below) may be helpful to you.
  2. Complete the application form completely.
  3. Submit two copies of the application: A paper copy (signed by your department chair), mailed to Ben Hannam, 2850 Campus Box; and an unsigned electronic copy (in the original Microsoft Word docx format) emailed to Ben Hannam at

A Small Grant form is available for faculty who want to purchase new software, apps, one-time subscriptions, or licenses totaling $100 or less. If your proposal fits this category, use the ATACC Small Grant form link below. ATACC Small Grant proposals can be submitted year-round, including summer and winter terms.