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University Communications

News Bureau

The Elon University News Bureau serves as a liaison between the university and the news media. The News Bureau issues all news releases on behalf of the University and coordinates media requests to visit campus or interview professors and staff about their work. We serve as the primary content managers for the E-net! news Web site.

How to work with the News Bureau to arrange coverage

  1. Contact the office at least two weeks prior to a planned event. Waiting until the day of an event does not give reporters and editors enough time to plan for coverage.
  2. Know in advance the time, date and location of an activity for which you are seeking media coverage. Have ready the name and contact information for the person who will speak on behalf of the organization or office hosting the event.
  3. Feel free to suggest the names of publications that cover topics relevant to the research or event you want publicized.
  4. We can also assist faculty in placing opinion articles that deal with their research interests or class experiences. The News Bureau also provides training for television and radio interviews, and we distribute news alerts when a professor offers expertise on particular topics in the news spotlight.

Elon in the News

In My Words: Government shutdown affected far more people than you think

In this column distributed by the Elon University Writers Syndicate, Associate Professor of Communications Amanda Sturgill offers a look at the extensive ripples the recent federal government shutdown had within the broader population. The column was published in The News & Record of Greensboro

In My Words:  'Prisoner’s Dilemma' could offer future shutdown solution

In this column distributed by the Elon University Writers Syndicate, Professor of Biology Dave Gammon notes that a game theory commonly applied to animal behavior could offer insight into how to end government shutdowns. The column was published by The Times-News of Burlington and The Post & Courier of Charleston, S.C.

Passionately Curious: â€‹Haya Ajjan on how technology gives women entrepreneurs a voice

Ajjan, an associate professor of management information systems, was one of eight Elon faculty members featured this year in "Passionately Curious," the annual Elon University President's Report. 

In My Words: Americans still support abortion rights

In this op-ed column, Professor of Religious Studies Rebecca Todd Peters writes that the idea that Christianity has always been against abortion is simply not true. The column was published by the Tampa Bay Times

Darby offers insights for EdTech article on K-12 classrooms 

An article by the educational technology publication that looked at the use of flexible seating cited previous analysis by Alexa Darby, professor of psychology.

The Times-News highlights vision of President Connie Ledoux Book in profile

The Feb. 3 article offers a look into how President Book's experiences have shaped her vision for Elon University and higher education.