Students pursuing the Food Studies Minor will complete 20 credit hours of foundational and elective courses. At least eight credit hours should come from 3000/4000 level pre-approved food-related courses.

The minor requires four credit hours from each of the following categories:

  1. Nutrition, Food, and its Components (sciences)

    • CHM 1310 Culinary Transformations: The Science Behind What’s Cooking*
    • ESS 1110 Introduction to Exercise Science
    • ESS 3123 Nutrition and Bioenergetics*#
    • PEH 3240 Nutrition*#
    • PHS 3020 Global Health
    • WHE 2300 Perspectives in Health Promotion: Foundations to Function
    • WHE 2850 Perspectives in Personal and Global Health
  2. Sustainable Food Systems and Production (social sciences)

    • ENS 3110 Sustainable Food Production*#
    • ENS 3140 Agroecology#
    • PST 3200 Food Policy
    • ENS 1210 Community Agriculture – Spring Planting
    • ENS 2200 Garden Studio: Fall & Winter Gardening or ENS 2210 Garden Studio: Spring & Summer Gardening
    • ENS 2320 Solar Greenhouse and Fourth Season Harvest
    • ENS 3210 Urban Ecology#
  3. Food, Culture, and Representation (arts & humanities)

    • IDS 2040 Edible Ideologies: Food, Power, and Identity*
    • IDS 2010 Food, Gender, and Power – The Hunger Games Trilogy
    • COM 3370 Health Communications
    • FRE 3012 French Cuisine and Culture
    • SPN 4540 Eating Through the Pages: Food in Contemporary Texts#
    • HEB 3010 Falafel Nation
    • COR 3180 The World in Your Cup: An Interdisciplinary Look at Coffee

* highly recommended; # has a prerequisite

In addition, students will complete eight credit hours of elective courses during their second, third or fourth year. Students will choose their two electives from courses in any of the three above categories. That said, any elective course can potentially come from pre-approved food-related, study abroad/away, credit bearing internship and undergraduate research courses.

With approval of the program coordinator, up to 12 credit hours of study abroad courses may count for the minor.