Students seeking a four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing are required to complete all Elon University core requirements, all nursing pre-requisites, and the 65 credit hour nursing curriculum, including 17 nursing courses and 540 clinical hours.

Fall Courses Credit Hours
ENG 1100: Writing: Argument and Inquiry 4
STS 1100: Intro to Statistical Reasoning or STS 2120: Statistics in Application 4
BIO 1112/1113: Introductory Cell Biology/Lab 4
PSY 1000: Introduction to Psychology 4
ELN 1100/NRS 1100: First Year Advising Seminar/Nursing at Elon 1
Winter Courses
COR: Expression (course in literature, philosophy or fine arts 4
Spring Courses
COR 1100: The Global Experience 4
COR 1010/1020: World Language (choice of foreign language) 4
BIO:2312/2313: Human Anatomy/Lab 4
NURS 2000: Healthcare Relationships I: Disparity, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 4
TOTAL 34-38
Fall Courses Credit Hours
BIO 2412/2413: Human Physiology/Lab 4
CORE: Society (Course in economics, geography, political science,
psychology, human service studies or sociology/anthropology)
NRS 2100: Foundations of Nursing 6
CORE: World Language 1020 (Second foreign language course if needed) 4
Winter Courses
CORE: Civilization (Course in history, world languages, art history
or religious studies)
Spring Courses
CORE: Expression (Course in literature, philosophy, or fine arts) 4
PSY 2100: Lifespan Development 4
PEH 3240: Nutrition 4
NRS 2200: Assessment of Health and Wellness for Nursing Practice 4
Fall Courses Credit Hours
BIO 2122: Microbiology for Health Professionals 4
NRS 2300: Principles of Physiology and Pathophysiology for Nursing 3
NRS 2400: Pharmacology for Nursing Practice 3
NRS 3100: Nursing Management of Adults I 6
Winter Courses
CORE: Advanced Studies (3000-4000 level course outside the major field in Arts and Sciences) 4
Spring Courses
CORE: Advanced Studies (3000-4000 level course outside the major field in Arts and Sciences) 4
NRS 3200: Family-Centered Nursing Care for Infants, Children and Adolescents 4
NRS 3300: Gerontological Nursing 2
NRS 3400: Multiple Perspectives in Mental Health 4
Fall Courses Credit Hours
NRS 4000: Preparatory Seminar: Healthcare Relationships II 1
NRS 4200: Population and Community Health 4
NRS 4400: Reproductive Health 4
NRS 4500: Nursing Management of Adults II: Complex Health Cond 6
Winter Courses
NRS 4300: Healthcare Relationships II: Disparity, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 4
Spring Courses
NRS 4100: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 4
NRS 4600: Crucial Conversations in Healthcare 2
NRS 4800: Pathways to Practice 4
CORE: Elon COR Capstone outside the major field at the 300- or 400-level 4