Welcome to Global Film & Cultures

The Global Film & Cultures (GFC) minor is centered around three facets of global film studies: history, industries, and theory/interpretation. Throughout their completion of the minor, students will retain and implement a holistic view of film, including analysis and interrogations of important power structures, ideologies and global contexts that films and their attendant industries and cultures engage.

Why study cultures through film?

The GFC minor facilitates a critical, global, and diverse understanding of:

  • The ways films shape how societies make sense of themselves
  • How film frames common experiences of individuals and societies
  • How cultures are visualized and socialized through filmic visualization
  • The convergences of the film artform and our experiences of global cultures
  • Film as a social practice and form of expression
  • Historical context and current practices in diversity, equity and inclusion in global film industries
  • Film as a way to attend to personal affective responses, questions and elations

What courses are required?

Each student entering the minor will take a required introductory class that will examine three tracks — history, industries, and theory/interpretation — as a way to prime them to incorporate such methods and approaches in their subsequent study of film. Students will take one elective course in each of the three tracks. Students may not take more than one of these electives within the same course prefix.

The minor will culminate in a capstone course where they will design a capstone project focused on one of the three tracks they find will be most useful in their future studies or careers. Students will complete eight credit hours for the GFC intro and capstone courses, and 12 credit hours in electives.


  • GFC 2100: Introduction to Global Film & Cultures


  • CTA 3240: Studio/Variety/Reality TV Production
  • CTA 3000: Entertainment Media Business and Practices
  • GBL 2015: Hollywood & Sundance: The Film Festival Experience
  • ART 3620: Video Art and Expanded Cinema
  • DAN 3270: Dance for the Camera


  • CTA 4060: Film Theory
  • ENG 1232: Literature on Screen
  • ENG 3640: Film Criticism
  • COR 4600: Film, Race, and Politics


  • CTA 3360: International Cinema
  • CTA 3060: Development and Influence of Cinema
  • COR 3020: Italian Cinema (summer course)
  • POL 3920: Film, Politics & Society


  • GFC 4970: Global Film & Cultures Capstone

This list will be updated as more classes are approved for the minor.

Program coordinators

For more information or additional questions about the Global Film & Cultures minor, visit our FAQ page and feel free to contact the program coordinators.