Institutional Priorities related to COVID-19

  1. Plan and launch operations and communications campaign for a healthy in-person on-campus operations utilizing lessons and procedures from in-person 2020-2021 (including vaccination, testing, masks, a heightened focus on ways to support both physical and mental health and well-being, new website and dashboard, and systems for vaccination verification.

Learn: Innovative teaching and learning in an era of opportunity

  1. Implement and deepen the accelerated and four-year nursing programs (Bachelor of Science in Nursing – BSN) and the 3+1 programs in Love School of Business and explore the development of additional graduate programs that match Elon’s educational model and commitments.
  2. Prepare to successfully attain university, school, and program accreditations, including Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), Engineering (ABET), Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).
  3. Identify and implement strategies to increase Study USA participation among Elon students, focusing on New York, NY and Washington, DC.
  4. Re-engage the campus community in the Boldly Elon strategic plan themes and action items, emphasizing the enduring relevance and viability of the strategic plan.
  5. Develop a campus Mentoring Implementation Team to share the findings of the ACE Learner Success Lab team; broaden understanding of the impact and value of mentoring within our high impact, residential, and relationship-driven educational experience; and design our approach to expanded mentoring across campus.

Thrive: An inclusive and healthy community for success

  1. Develop a broad, deep, and engaging Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) curriculum and related faculty and staff professional development based on best practice in and outside of the academy, identifying resources from within and outside of the university and begin implementation of this curriculum in the 2022-2023 Academic Year.
  2. Develop a Division of Inclusive Excellence communication plan articulating the roles and responsibilities for providing diversity and inclusion services and providing guidance for schools and departments in their creation of unit level diversity, equity, and inclusion plans in line with best practice and accreditation standards, and with support of the shared governance process.
  3. Support the efforts of two working groups charged with advancing critical university initiatives:
    1. Commence the Asian and Pacific Islander Task Force to examine the experiences of people from East Asian, Middle East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Island descent at Elon and recommend practices that build community and empowerment within the Asian and Pacific Islander community.
    2. Finalize the Elon Community Accessibility Team proposal, compose membership, and initiate the strategic partnership between Elon University and the Town of Elon to advance policies and practices that lead to greater access, equity and treatment for all people within our communities.
  4. Implement programs to support Elon’s Teacher-Scholar-Mentor development model that works across the span of a faculty career and responds to the distinct challenges and opportunities of different career stages, including the agreed-upon recommendations of the Chairs Taskforce Recommendations.
  5. Appoint a Staff-Faculty Learning & Development implementation team (Spring 2022) to study best practices for advancing a dynamic and healthy work environment and charge the Staff-Faculty Development Committee to investigate leading models and Learning Management System (LMS) options to advance the Office of Leadership and Professional Development (OLPD).
  6. Create and begin execution of a multi-year plan for excellence in Human Resources and Finance to transition current practices into digital solutions, including initiatives like position (budget) control, job classification, faculty recruitment, onboarding, benefits integration, data integrity and reporting, and other workflow efficiencies in partnership with Information Technology.
  7. With leadership provided by the Council on Wellness and Well-Being, explore, develop, and implement university-wide wellness initiatives through processes that engage the university community, including:
    1. Develop a vision and program statement for a comprehensive wellness center through a process that engages the university community.
    2. Complete a university-wide brand and coordinated communications strategy for wellness and well-being efforts at the university (including logo, print, and digital media).
    3. Create a five-year strategic plan to support well-being initiatives for faculty and staff.
    4. Complete the JED Campus four-year process for enhancing systems, programs, and policies to address student mental health, substance abuse, and suicide prevention and implementation the post-program campus survey.
  8. Develop an updated ten-year vision and implementation plan for enhancing the student residential experience and academic-residential partnerships.
  9. Develop an updated five-year multifaith strategic plan.
  10. Host a celebration of the Class of 2020 on September 4-5 with a schedule of activities and events culminating in a special Commencement ceremony.
  11. Draft and share a five-year Title IX plan for Phoenix Athletics based on the findings of the spring 2021 Title IX review.

Connect: Lifelong partnerships near and far

  1. Engage alumni, trustees, faculty, and staff in a robust alumni relations strategic planning process to expand the focus of, deepen engagement with, and create professional networks within Elon’s alumni body, in keeping with the goals of the Boldly Elon Strategic Plan. As part of this work, develop a plan for a future Alumni Career Services position, regional centers, and strategic ElonNEXT career development programming in conjunction with Alumni Engagement.
  2. Explore and develop collaborative 2+2 programs including:
    1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Alamance Community College (ACC).
    2. Teacher Education Pipeline Initiative with Alamance Burlington School System (ABSS).
  3. Prepare for and host the CAA Women’s Soccer Championship in the fall of 2021 and the CAA Baseball Championship in the spring of 2022.
  4. Further strengthen the Campus Safety and Police Department to be engaged community leaders and build a community-policing plan with an emphasis on team concepts, community engagement, and advancing excellence in conjunction with local police departments.
  5. Collaborate with Elon Dining, Harvest Table Culinary Group national and regional leadership, and Elon University stakeholders to enhance campus dining.

Rise: Positioning the university for the future

  1. Identify and develop the next University Quality Enhancement Plan as part of the decennial Southern Association SACSCOC review.
  2. Successfully hire and orient:
    1. Vice President for University Communications and Marketing
    2. Law School Dean
    3. Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
    4. Dean of Student Inclusive Excellence
  3. Complete and implement a 10-year plan to address capital renewal and maintenance of university facilities and technology.
  4. In conjunction with the Long-Range Planning Committee, assess and identify new peer and aspirant institutions.
  5. Increase applications to 18,000 and enroll 1,745 first-year and 80 transfer undergraduate students in fall 2021 and 20 first-year and 40 transfer undergraduate students in spring 2022.  Students should reflect Elon values, especially academic ability, diversity, and a well-rounded high school experience appropriate for Elon’s style of engaged learning.
  6. Study, test, and propose means for advancing the use of predictive analytics and visualization in admissions, retention, student success, and graduation rates.
  7. Evaluate and study key admission and enrollment policies and strategies.
    1. Evaluate the first year of test-optional policy and assess the success of test-optional admission, enrollment, and scholarship evaluation.
    2. Conduct external first-year student recruitment funnel analysis and admissions opinion research study.
    3. Conduct external analysis of financial aid awarding strategy and aid packaging.
  8. Enroll new students in each graduate program to meet the following goals:
    1. DPT:Enroll 44 students Januarys 2022 & 2023
    2. PA: Enroll 36 students Januarys 2022 & 2023
    3. M.Ed.: Enroll 12 students summer 2022
    4. M.A. Higher Education: Enroll 12 students fall 2022
    5. M.A. Interactive Media: Enroll 20 students summer 2022
    6. MBA: Enroll 55 students in AY 2021-22
    7. M.S. Business Analytics: Enroll 15 students fall 2021 & 2022
    8. M.S. Accounting: Enroll 15 students summer 2022
  9. Develop a strategic plan for the implementation of “A Stay with Purpose” at The Inn at Elon.
  10. Build a women’s philanthropy initiative to deepen philanthropic leadership among alumnae, parents, and friends.
  11. Successfully execute year three of the Elon LEADS Campaign public phase by progressing gifts and pledges to $250 million by May 31, 2022, and prepare for the campaign conclusion by December 31, 2022.
  12. Reach the following targets by May 31, 2022 in annual support of the Elon LEADS comprehensive campaign:
    1. $1.7 million in Elon’s Greatest Needs
    2. $2.8 million in designated annual giving
    3. $1.6 million in the Phoenix Club, 75 impact circle donors and 200 Elon Society Donors
    4. $500,000 in annual giving for Elon Law
    5. 1,200 members of the Elon Society
    6. 25% alumni participation
    7. 18% former student-athlete alumni participation
    8. 35% current undergraduate parent participation
    9. 7% grandparent participation
    10. 70% faculty/staff participation
    11. 50% senior class giving participation
  13. Complete planning for the following projects:
    1. Future Housing (phase 1)
  14. Complete design for the following projects:
    1. Francis Center expansion (phase 2)
    2. Outdoor classrooms
    3. Carolina Hall renovation
    4. Hook, Brannock, and Barney Hall electrical upgrade
    5. Living Learning Community at Loy Farm
    6. Latham Baseball Park expansion
  15. Complete construction of the following projects:
    1. Furniture and equipment install of School of Health Sciences expansion (phase 1)
    2. Upgrades to the Elon Raleigh campus
    3. Smith Hall renovation
    4. Carolina Hall electrical renovation
    5. E Sports Club Room in Global Commons
    6. El Centro renovation
    7. McMichael Science Center Shared Research
    8. Moseley Center 2nd Floor renovation
    9. Worsley Golf Center simulator installation
    10. Colonnades Parking Lot expansion