Learn: Innovative teaching and learning in an era of opportunity

  1. Appoint and charge a campus Mentoring Design Team to carry forward the findings of the ACE Learner Success Lab team and design our approach to expanding mentoring across campus.
  2. Explore the development of new and revised academic programs that match Elon’s educational model and commitments.
  3. Successfully hire and orient new leadership and staff including:
    1. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
    2. Dean of Elon University School of Law
    3. Dean of the School of Health Sciences
    4. Dean of the School of Communications
  4. Implement programs to support an integrated Teacher-Scholar-Mentor development model that works across the span of a faculty career and responds to the distinct challenges and opportunities of different career stages.
  5. Build an employer pipeline for the nursing program, and begin developing a health sciences focused career event, ensuring that nursing students secure opportunities post-graduation.
  6. Continue the work of the Retention Working Group to meet the Boldly Elon goals of 93% first-year retention and increasing the four-year graduation rate to 85%.
  7. Expand engagement in the Campus Alamance local summer internship program to 50-75 student participants in summer 2023.

Thrive: An inclusive and healthy community for success

  1. Continue the institutional focus on in-person, on-campus operations with significant focus on health and well-being through leadership of Infectious Disease Response Team.
  2. Develop a series of professional development workshops related to equity-centered practices, including training for faculty and staff on ways to write about diversity, equity, and inclusion in their annual evaluations.
  3. Study and develop an Advancing Equity Hiring Initiative including a retention plan for the faculty and staff hired through the Initiative.
  4. Begin implementation of the recommendations from the Asian and Pacific Islander Task Force and Multifaith Strategic Plan.
  5. Develop a five-year strategic plan to implement recommendations from the Council on Wellness and Well-Being focusing on faculty and staff, including the creation of a list of activities that already exist at Elon.
  6. With leadership provided by the Council on Wellness and Well-Being, continue to advance the implementation of collaborative, integrated health and wellness initiatives and programs, including:
    1. Launch the HealthEU wellness brand and campaign broadly across campus.
    2. Implement a full-scale virtual medical and mental health service for students (TimelyCare).
    3. Explore the implementation of a student health insurance plan and review models for delivery of student medical care.
  7. Through a collaboration between Athletics and Counseling Services, enhance mental health education, engagement, training, and resources, for staff, coaches, and student-athletes and ensure that all staff members with frequent student-athlete contact complete training and understand the levels of support for a student-athlete in crisis.
  8. Develop fundraising plans to support a significant wellness facility in coordination with campus partners, the Board of Trustees, volunteer leadership, and campaign counsel.
  9. Complete the updated ten-year vision and plan for enhancing the student residential experience and academic-residential partnerships.
  10. Implement initiatives to register students to vote in the 2022 elections and support robust, respectful political engagement.
  11. Advance an institutional focus on staff and faculty development and learning:
    1. Appoint a Staff-Faculty Learning & Development implementation team to study best practices nationally, analyze existing offerings, and design a multi-year plan for advancing a dynamic and healthy work environment.
    2. Advance programs to address and build upon the themes articulated in the staff culture study conducted in spring 2022, including quarterly professional development resources (videos, blogs, articles, books, websites) from Belk Library, expanding the Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) supervisor development series across campus, reviewing and refining the Seasonal Work pilot, and offering new professional learning tracks.
  12. Implement an annual student survey regarding interest in athletic participation for the purpose of gender equity analysis.
  13. Continue execution of a multi-year plan for excellence in Human Resources and Finance to transition current practices into digital solutions, standardization and business process documentation and improvements. Initiatives include: position (budget) control, job classification, faculty and staff job recruitment, onboarding, benefits data integration, identity and access management, payroll workflow enhancements and enhanced reporting in partnership with Information Technology.
  14. Complete and socialize the next four-year strategic plan for Information Technology with campus-wide support and an associated funding model.
  15. Advance and enrich equitable hiring practices by developing university-wide hiring practices/protocols for all faculty and staff recruitment.

Connect: Lifelong partnerships near and far

  1. Enhance alumni learning and the development of Regional Learning Centers through the adoption of a strategic plan and conducting a series of pilots in regional locations that focuses on learning opportunities, including efforts with alumni to support professional and continuing education needs.
  2. Deepen partnerships with local communities:
    1. Partner with the Town of Elon to build the West College Plaza and gather community input on the Williamson Avenue streetscape development.
    2. Expand the Partners Program, Internal Partners Council, and communications with external partners.
  3. Work with the campus community to develop and implement an appropriate internal communications strategy and calendar for university employees.
  4. Release an updated version of the Boldly Elon website presenting updated progress on initiatives as well as a Fall 2022 Progress Update document.

Rise: Positioning the university for the future

  1. Develop the strategy, plan, foundation, research, budget and infrastructure needed to launch (in FY 2024) a comprehensive, sustainable and ongoing strategic marketing and advertising program that will enhance and extend awareness of and engagement with Elon to target audiences at the local, state, regional and national level.
  2. Complete Campus Master Planning effort and submit for Board of Trustees approval.
  3. Successfully execute the final year of the Elon LEADS Campaign by progressing gifts and pledges from $251M to $265M by December 31, 2022.
  4. Finalize, share and begin implementation of the strategic plan for Elon’s alumni program as part of the Boldly Elon Strategic Plan.
  5. Reach the following targets by May 31, 2023 in annual support and participation:
    1. $1.9 million in Elon’s Greatest Needs.
    2. $3 million in designated annual giving.
    3. $1.6 million in the Phoenix Club, 85 impact circle donors and 215 Elon Society Donors.
    4. $500,000 in annual giving for Elon Law.
    5. Achieve an alumni participation percentage that ensures Elon as a top 25 performer among national universities.
    6. 1,250 members of the Elon Society.
    7. 18% former student-athlete alumni participation.
    8. 38% current undergraduate parent participation.
    9. 8% grandparent participation.
    10. Achieve 66% annual participation among faculty/staff.
    11. 50% senior class giving participation.
  6. Increase applications to 19,000 and enroll 1,795 first-year students, along with 80 transfer students in fall 2023 and 20 first-year and 50 transfer students in spring 2024. Students should reflect Elon values, especially academic ability, diversity, and a well-rounded high school experience appropriate for Elon’s style of engaged learning.
    1. Enroll 100 BSN and ABSN students
    2. Expand STEM major recruitment and enroll 75 Engineering students.
    3. Expand Elon Global Start (EGS) to enroll 40 students.
    4. Complete and implement year one of the International Student recruitment plan.
    5. Enroll new students in each graduate program to meet the following goals:
      • DPT: Enroll 44 students in January of 2023 & 2024
      • PA: Enroll 36 students in January of 2023 & 2024
      • M.Ed.: Enroll 12 students in summer 2023
      • M.A. Higher Education: Enroll 12 students in fall 2023
      • M.A. Interactive Media: Enroll 25 students in summer 2023
      • MBA: Enroll 55 students in academic year 2022-23
      • M.S. Business Analytics: Enroll 15 students in fall 2022 & 2023
      • M.S. Accounting: Enroll 15 students in summer 2023
  7. Develop graduate enrollment strategic plan focused on strategies to develop and build top of funnel activity necessary to generate robust applicant pools for programs in the Martha and Spencer Love School of Business, the Dr. Jo Watts Williams School of Education and the School of Communications.
  8. Execute the new strategic plan for the implementation of “A Stay With Purpose” for The Inn at Elon by focusing on enhancing the customer experience and integrating the Elon culture into The Inn.
  9. In partnership with Harvest Table Culinary Group (HTCG), Elon’s food service provider, develop a 10-year strategic roadmap (Engage IQ) to identify the best dining experience for Elon’s campus. From insights to innovation and implementation to impact, this proprietary process will allow Elon Dining to define a successful dining program for the future.
  10. Complete design on six campus construction projects:

    2022-2023 Design projects

    • Add a coffee shop and new gathering space in Belk Library
    • Hook, Brannock and Barney renovation
    • McMichael Science Center Phase 2 renovation
    • East Neighborhood Commons building
    • New gateway at intersection of University Drive and North O’Kelly Avenue
    • New office building for non-student-facing units
  11. Complete work on 14 campus construction projects:

    2022-2023 Construction projects

    • Francis Center expansion (Phase 2)
    • Latham Baseball Park expansion Phase 1 (batting cage)
    • Founders and Innovation Halls to allow Engineering and Physics to occupy by Fall 2022
    • Carolina Hall renovation
    • Window replacement for Hook, Brannock and Barney
    • First phase of McMichael Science Center renovation that includes constructing of new faculty offices for ENS, Biology and Chemistry
    • Convert Iconic Plaza to Medallion Plaza
    • Pedestrian connector between Colonnades Neighborhood and Danieley Center
    • Pedestrian connector between Danieley Center and Francis Center
    • Renovation of office suites in Alamance Hall for departments to expand
    • Renovation of office suites in Powell Hall
    • Outdoor classrooms
    • Update to life safety components of catwalk and rigging for McCrary
    • Renovation to replace Pei Wei venue with Billy D’s Chicken