Share a Concern/Report an Incident

These reporting forms are for non-emergency reporting only. If any person may be in danger, call 911 immediately. 

For urgent confidential support for sexual misconduct, gender-based violence, or bias incidents, contact the 24-hour SAFEline at 336-278-3333.

Reports submitted through the links below are addressed through a coordinated university approach.  The office that takes the lead for addressing the report is noted.  If you’d like to consult with someone about reporting a student-related concern, please contact the Office of the Dean of Students, 336-278-7200.  After hours, you can reach the Student Life Administrator On Call or Counselor On Call by contacting Campus Safety and Police at 336-278-5555.

Based on the type of report, you may be contacted for additional information (if you provide your name or contact information). Though anonymous reports are permitted, doing so may limit the University’s ability to investigate and/or respond.

Academic E-Warning

Faculty/instructors may share information regarding student academic struggles or concerns.  Submissions will be forwarded to the student and their advisor, and copied to the reporting faculty member. The student and advisor are encouraged to discuss academic support resources and strategies. The Academic E-Warning link may be found on the Class Roster page via OnTrack for Faculty.

Student Care Referral (Formerly Student Concern Report)

Share significant concerns for a student’s well-being (social, financial, family, mental health, etc.).  For important information on when to share a referral or what happens next, visit the Student Care and Outreach website.

Student Incident/Information Report

Share information regarding student behavior. Behavior may or may not violate Elon University’s Code of Conduct. Those who become aware of an incident or information are encouraged to report it as quickly as possible. Elon University staff will review these reports and coordinate resolutions.  Resolution may occur via the Office of Student Conduct, Office of the Dean of Students, Residence Life, Title IX and Sexual Misconduct, Inclusive Excellence, or other relevant offices.

Hazing Incident Report

Share information regarding acts that may constitute hazing by an organization or its members.  The Office of Office of Student Conduct is responsible for initial review of these reports.  For more information, visit the Hazing Prevention website.

Identity-based Bias Report

Share information regarding any experience or act of identity-based bias (based on age, dis/ability, ethnic origin, faith tradition, gender expression, gender identity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, race, or veteran’s status). The Office of Inclusive Excellence Education and Development is responsible for initial review of these reports. For more information, visit the Bias Response website.

Title IX, Sexual Misconduct, and Gender-Based Violence Report

Share information regarding any experience of sexual misconduct or gender-based violence. This includes, but is not limited to, any behaviors that may violate the Sexual Misconduct and Interpersonal Violence Policy. Title IX staff are responsible for initial review of these reports. For more information, visit the Title IX website.