Student Care and Outreach provides outreach and support for students with significant and complex concerns regarding their health, well-being or behavior. Our office works with students to highlight their personal strengths, availability of resources, and to help them navigate university policies and practices.

Our office is here to:

  • Assist a student to connect with on-campus resources for academic, social and personal growth
  • Provide direct outreach to students in situations involving complex wellness concerns;
  • Collaborate with faculty, parents and friends to share advice on how best to support a student’s needs while balancing their own well-being and need for support;
  • Work with campus partners to identify and advocate against systemic and individual barriers to student success.

Limits on our work: Our office’s ethical practice and developmental philosophy places emphasis on student ownership and personal agency.   As a result, our general practice means that we will:

  • Expect students to engage in a personal, interactive process prior to receiving any specific guidance.  We will ask parents and others to include the student as part of the interactive process.
  • Expect a student to communicate with faculty, staff, administrators, employers or parents on their own behalf (except in rare situations involving extended absences).
  • Trust that a student will closely monitor their own academic progress and communicate honestly with others about any needs they may have.  This includes monitoring deadlines and being aware of academic strategies that can assist the student.
  • Respect a student’s decision on whether to use Elon’s resources (including treatment services).  Except in severe situations involving serious and significant safety concerns, our office does not require engagement with support services or monitor progress after engagement.