Often, students experiencing a significant illness or those returning from an injury or surgery may struggle to get around or attend appointments.  We’ve done our best here to try to summarize some of the most common resources available to these students:

Disability Resources | (336) 278-6568

  • Disabilities Resources works with students on a case-by-case basis, determining reasonable accommodations. Disabilities Services will discuss options for evaluation with the student and make appropriate referrals. Where appropriate, Disability Resources can make accommodations related to classes, housing, and other areas affecting the student’s experience at Elon.

Virtual Health Visits (available 24/7) | Click Here for Details

  • While a “virtual visit” is not appropriate for all illnesses, students, faculty and staff can take advantage of the  virtual MD  visits available through Cone Health 24/7/365 days a year.  An MD consultation is usually scheduled within a few minutes, as opposed to several hours. The out-of-pocket cost for a virtual visit may also be less than the out-of-pocket co-pay for the emergency department.  Please note: Virtual Health Visits are not covered as part of a student’s health fee; students are responsible for any fees or costs associated with virtual health visits.

Meal Voucher Program | (336) 278-7200

  • Elon Dining and The Office of the Dean of Students partner to offer a meal voucher program for students “Under The Weather” and who cannot eat in the dining hall due to illness or may have a temporary mobility issue. This program allows students who are ill or unable to physically get to the dining halls to access meals more securely without providing their Phoenix Card (which may contain personal information) to another student. Students who are ill can have a friend present a voucher on their behalf  and prepare a takeout meal for them. For more information, visit the Office of the Dean of Students Website.

Health Services Vehicle | (336) 273-7200

  • The Office of the Dean of Students offers free rides to assist students to get to their appointments at student health.  The vehicle is available 8:30 am-4:00 pm, Monday-Friday and 8:30am-3:00, Friday. Students must call one hour in advance to request pick up and inform the office of the pick up location at the nearest university parking lot. The primary purpose of the vehicle is to transport students to and from health and counseling services. The office will work to accommodate other requests but cannot guarantee availability of the vehicle (i.e. transport to class). The vehicle must pick up and drop off students on university property.

Handicap Parking Permits | (336) 278-5555

  • Students may obtain a temporary university handicap parking permit from Campus Safety and Police (336-278-5555). To begin, a student must get authorization from Disability Resources (see above: Disability Resources).  Students must possess or purchase the standard parking permit for their residential area or commuter pass. A handicap permit may be utilized by the student or friend(s) assisting with transportation. This permit is valid for on-campus parking only.

Wheelchair (or other mobility device) Rental | (336) 222-8052

  • Clover Medical Supply (not affiliated with Elon University) provides rentals of various types of mobility devices and can deliver equipment to you. Standard manual wheelchairs rent for $80/month or $35/week. Standard motorized scooters rent for $250/month or $100/week.  There is no delivery/pickup charge in the Elon area. Call for current rates for other types of equipment (crutches, knee scooter, etc.). Clover Medical Supply may be able to assist with filing an insurance claim for the cost of equipment rental.

Housing Relocation | (336) 278-7300

  • Contact the Office of Residence Life (336-278-7300) or Residential Area Office for a list of open spaces in buildings closest to the student’s classes or with more convenient access (first-floor room, residence hall with elevator, etc.). Temporary housing reassignments are usually not available due to limited space. Any change in housing may be permanent for the remainder of the academic year.

Class Relocation | (336) 278-6568

  • Contact Disability Resources to discuss possible arrangements to have class(es) moved to accessible classrooms.