Student Care and Outreach serves as a hub of support for students returning to Elon after a visit to the hospital.  Our goal is to work closely with students to ensure they are reaching their personal goals for support and that they have access to all available resources to help them be successful.

When made aware that a student has gone to the hospital, our staff will reach out to the student personally to provide support and establish a process for returning to campus.  In most cases, our goal is to connect with a student as soon as possible following their return.  Staff will generally reach out to a student’s parents/guardians to ensure they are aware of the situation and that they are available to serve as allies in the student’s ongoing success.  In addition, our staff will generally reach out to faculty to make them aware of any projected class absences.

Staff will generally work closely with students to:

  • Help identify additional resources and supports on and off campus to help mitigate future concerns and promote academic and social wellness;
  • Act as a liaison between the student and other campus offices, including faculty, academic deans, residence life, financial aid, student health, counseling, and many others;
  • Assist in deciding what, if any academic changes might be useful (including course drops, course withdrawal, incompletes, and medical leave of absence);
  • Assist in obtaining on campus accommodations related to their medical needs;
  • Other supports as needed on a case-by-case basis.

Staff will also work to follow-up with students to check in on their progress, help mitigate additional concerns as they arise, and advocate for the student as needed.  Often, staff will meet with students several times following their release and as needed once they have established supports in place.  Staff remain available to meet with students on an ongoing basis or as needed.