Elon Dining and The Office of the Dean of Students partner to offer a meal voucher program for students “Under The Weather” and who cannot eat in the dining hall due to illness or may have a temporary mobility issue. This program allows students who are ill or unable to physically get to the dining halls to access meals more securely without providing their Phoenix Card (which may contain personal information) to another student.  Students who are ill can have a friend present a voucher on their behalf  and prepare a takeout meal for them.

Students who need to access the program can call the Office of The Dean of Students at 336-278-7200 during business hours; students who become ill in the evening or on the weekend can call Campus Safety at (336) 278-5555 to access vouchers.

Notes about the program

An authorized representative of the student will be allowed to pick up a maximum of nine (9) vouchers (three meal vouchers per day X three days.) Students with an extended need beyond three days may contact The Office of the Dean of Students for additional vouchers.  All vouchers will expire in five (5) days from the date they are issued.

“Under The Weather” vouchers may be redeemed for meals in these residential dining locations during  their hours of operation. Information about hours of operation are available at  https://www.elondining.com/:

  • Lakeside Dining Hall
  • First floor of McEwen Dining Hall
  • Second floor of Clohan Hall

Only one (1) voucher may be used during any meal period (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and no more than three (3) vouchers may be used in one day.  The vouchers will be assigned to the ill student, so any student(s) they designate can pick a meal up on their behalf with a valid voucher.  They do not need to present the student’s Phoenix card.

The person(s) designated by the ill student will present the voucher and request a takeout box. It is recommended that students view the dining options available on the Elon Dining website at https://www.elondining.com/ and let their friends know of any food allergies/sensitivities and which menu items they might enjoy eating!

Students with a meal plan may participate in the program at no additional charge; students without a meal plan are eligible to participate and each voucher used will incur a charge of $ 7.25 to be posted on the student’s Elon/Bursar account. Students participating in the program are expected to abide by the Elon Honor Code at all times.

Vouchers must be used within five days. Students with unused vouchers should destroy them.

Questions may be directed to the The Office of the Dean of Students, 336-278-7200.