North Carolina has announced an expansion of Medicaid benefits. This expansion may expand qualification for Medicaid benefits for some Elon students. This expansion is effective December 1, 2023. To find out more, visit the NC Medicaid website.

Health Insurance Requirement Update – Spring Waiver and Enrollment:

If you have already created an account on the Student Blue Portal, you can log into your account and access the Student Blue Dashboard to change account profile information. If you need assistance accessing the Student Blue Portal please call Blue Cross Blue Shield at 800-579-8022.

If you have questions email or call the office at 336-278-7276.

All full-time students (undergraduate, graduate and law) are required to maintain adequate medical insurance during their enrollment at Elon University. Part-time students are exempt from this requirement.  Having adequate insurance to cover medical emergencies and routine visits is an important aspect of the health and wellbeing of Elon students. Students may fulfill the requirement in several ways:

  • Coverage as the primary subscriber on an employer plan
  • Coverage as a qualified dependent on a parent/guardian/partner employer plan
  • Coverage through a plan in the United States health insurance marketplace
  • Enrollment in the Student Blue Plan for Elon students through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

To meet the university’s Student Health Insurance Requirement, Elon offers the Student Blue health insurance policy for all full-time undergraduate, graduate and law students. Students may waive the Student Blue policy by providing proof of existing insurance coverage (including image of their insurance card) during the designated time frame each year.

Questions about the student health insurance requirement may be directed to the Student Health Insurance Project Manager at or (336) 278-7276 during regular business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which students are required to have student health insurance?

All full-time graduate and undergraduate students are required to maintain adequate health insurance. If students are not covered by a policy that meets waiver criteria, they will be automatically enrolled in the Student Blue Plan and the premium amount will be added to their student account and semester statement. The Student Blue Plan is mandatory for all international students holding an F1 or J1 visa and cannot be waived.

Where can I obtain a copy of my current insurance information?

Students are expected to always carry a copy of their insurance card with them. Students who need a copy of their current insurance card should consult the primary subscriber (parent/partner) for a copy of the card. A photo image is acceptable but must list the student as insured.

If I uploaded my insurance information to my Phoenix Health Portal prior to February 2023, can I get a copy from there?

Any copies of your insurance card uploaded previously is available on your Phoenix Health portal. Simply log in and click on “uploads.” The card must show that you are currently insured and will be insured in the fall.

If I already have health insurance, will I be required to enroll in the Student Blue Plan?

Students who currently have insurance and whose insurance meets the waiver criteria are not required to enroll in the Student Blue Plan. To be considered for waiving the Student Blue coverage, you must enter your current insurance information into the portal by the enrollment deadline so that your current policy can be reviewed for eligibility. You will also need to upload a copy of your insurance card.

Learn more about the waiver periods

If your existing policy does not meet the waiver criteria, you will be enrolled in the Student Blue plan and the premium added to your tuition bill.

Note: Student insurance uploads in the spring will be reviewed after June 1 and students will be notified if their coverage meets the waiver criteria.

What constitutes proof of insurance?

Before a going to the Student Blue portal to file a waiver, students should have a photo or image of both sides of their insurance card. Students will need this information to submit to the waiver portal.

How often must I provide proof of insurance to waive out of the Elon Student Blue Plan?

Upon acceptance to the university and before matriculation, students must upload their current insurance information if they request to waive out of the Student Blue Plan. After the initial insurance upload is completed, students will be required to reaffirm that the same insurance is in effect annually before they are allowed to register for fall classes. If the insurance coverage cannot be verified, students will be required to update their insurance information providing adequate coverage or enroll in the Student Blue Plan.

For Spring semester verification, only those students whose policy information cannot be verified will be required to update their insurance information providing adequate coverage or enroll in the Student Blue Plan.
If the insurance coverage cannot be verified, students will be required to update their insurance information providing adequate coverage or enroll in the Student Blue Plan.

I am currently covered by another health insurance policy. Can I also enroll in the Student Blue Plan?

All full-time undergraduate, graduate and law students can enroll in the policy — even if they have other coverage — as secondary or voluntary coverage. Students and families will want to consult with their insurance adviser and compare coverage to see if the Student Blue plan is right for their family, even if they have existing coverage.

Enroll in the Student Blue Plan

I am turning 26 or have had another change in life circumstances/insurance status. Can I still join the plan?

If you have a change in insurance status due to age or life circumstances, please email the Elon Student Health Insurance Project Manager at and they will send you the correct form and link to enroll in the Student Blue Plan. You will pay a prorated amount for the remainder of the academic year until the next enrollment period.

When will my Student Blue Plan become active?

Coverage begins Aug. 1 or Feb. 1 depending on your start date at Elon. Enrollment start dates may be modified if status changes (for example, loss of current coverage).

When will coverage end for the Student Blue Plan each year?

End dates for the plan for most students will be July 31. The policy covers students throughout the summer from anywhere in the U.S.; there is also coverage for travel outside the U.S. through  Exceptions may apply based on student status.

If you are graduating, the student health insurance policy coverage will end either on Dec. 31 (December graduates) or July 31 (May graduates).

How will I be covered if I study abroad in a university sponsored program?

If studying abroad for a semester, the Elon Student Blue Plan may drop coverage for that six-month period. However, remember that you will not be covered for the remaining coverage period.

International travel health insurance coverage is included in the cost of the Study Abroad program. For information about international travel insurance, visit this page or contact Kevin Winpisinger in the Global Education Center.

Will I be covered under the Student Blue Plan if I travel outside the U.S. for any reason?

Students enrolled in the Student Blue Plan and who travel outside the U.S. are covered for accidents and illnesses through their Student Blue Plan. Students planning to travel outside the U.S  should carry their  Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina/Student Blue member ID card and:

  • Verify your benefits prior to travel.
  • Know who to call. Call Blue Card Worldwide Customer Service at 1-866-654-2819 or collect at 1-804-965-8411.
  • Find a provider with BlueCard Worldwide online. In an emergency, go to the closest hospital.
  • Learn more about travel benefits outside the U.S. (you must use your Student Blue log-in)

What is the difference between the Health and Wellness Fee and the Student Health Insurance Charge?

The Health and Wellness Fee is charged to all students and is part of the tuition bill each semester. Through this fee, students are able to access Student Health Services for a routine office visit, and after insurance is filed, co-pays and deductibles are covered. The student is responsible for all other charges.

The Health and Wellness Fee is not to be confused with the Student Health Insurance Plan. The Student Health Insurance Plan is an insurance policy for all full-time undergraduate, graduate and law students. Students may waive the Student Blue policy by providing proof of adequate insurance coverage.

How will I receive my Elon Student Blue insurance card? Who should I contact if I need a copy of my Student Blue insurance card?

Contact Student Blue (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina) at 1-888-234-2417 or go into the Student Blue portal and request a card.

Who should I contact with questions regarding my Student Blue coverage or a claim?

If you have specific questions about coverage for a claim, contact the BCBS Student Blue staff directly:

Student Blue
PO Box 2073
Durham, NC 27702



When can I add my dependents?

Dependents must be added by Aug. 30 (fall semester) or Jan. 31 (winter/spring semester). If you have a qualifying life event — marriage, birth, dependent/s arriving in the U.S. — you have 30 days from the event date to add your dependent. No exceptions. Documentation will be required. Contact Student Blue (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina) at 1-888-234-2417. Elon University does not handle the dependent coverage.

Is the insurance charge on my bursar’s account billed each semester?

If you do not upload current insurance (spring) or affirm current insurance (fall) the premium for the Student Blue policy will be on your fall or spring semester bills. The winter term insurance coverage is part of the fall bill and summer term insurance is part of the spring bill.

What benefits does the Student Blue Plan offer for 2023-2024?

Learn more about the proposed 2023-2024 Student Blue Benefits.

*Note: These benefits are subject to final regulatory approval.

In addition to routine and emergency medical care, the Student Blue Plan offers other benefits for consideration:

  • Prescription benefits
  • Annual physical exams
  • Immunizations
  • STI testing
  • Birth control (including IUD insertion and removal) and Plan B prescriptions
  • PrEP drug regimen
  • Mental health benefits

Visit the Student Blue Plan website

Check out the Student Blue Plan tutorial

How much is the Student Blue Plan for 2023-2024?

The cost of the Student Blue Plan is proposed at $ 1302 per semester for undergraduates and $ 1939.50 per semester for graduate/law students. This is subject to regulatory approval in Spring 2023.

When will Student Blue rates be established for 2024-2025?

Information about potential rates for the 2024-2025 academic year will be posted by March 1, 2024. Rate information will be sent to all students and undergraduate parents in early March 2024. Rates will be subject to approval by North Carolina regulatory authorities.