Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Below are links to several important Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) Services.

2024 Information

BCBS Plan A (Choice Plus) 2024 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

BCBS Plan B (Choice Plus) 2024 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

BCBS Plan C (Choice Plus) 2024 Summary of Benefits and Coverage

BCBSNC – Provider Directory

BCBSNC Member Enhanced 4 Tier Formulary

BCBS Global Core

Health Insurance Rates

2024 Rates

Plan A

Level of Coverage

Monthly Cost

Bi-Weekly Cost

Employee Only $167.81 $77.45
Employee Plus Spouse/Domestic Partner* $460.89 $212.72
Employee Plus Child(ren) $406.01 $187.39
Family $548.66 $253.23

Plan B

Level of Coverage

Monthly Cost

Bi-Weekly Cost

Employee Only $290.89 $134.26
Employee Plus Spouse/Domestic Partner* $827.04 $381.71
Employee Plus Child(ren) $606.50 $279.92
Family $1,015.58 $468.73

Plan C

Level of Coverage

Monthly Cost

Bi-Weekly Cost

Employee Only $101.55 $46.87
Employee Plus Spouse/Domestic Partner* $317.48 $146.53
Employee Plus Child(ren) $279.68 $129.08
Family $377.96 $174.44

*Single rate for domestic partner is post-tax; remainder of employee/family premium is pre-tax


BCBSNC Details

Contact Information

Group #: 14164309

  • Website:
  • BCBSNC Customer Service: Toll-free (877) 275-9787
  • Find Providers in NC: Toll-free (877) 258-3334
  • Find Providers Outside of NC: Toll-free (800)-810-BLUE (2583)
  • Find Providers Outside of the USA: Toll-free (800)-810 BLUE (2583), or call collect (804)-673-1177
  • Find Claims Forms
  • Medical Claims Address: BCBSNC, P.O. Box 35, Durham, NC 27702

BCBSNC Member Services

The BCBSNC Member Services website offers participating faculty and staff a way to manage medical benefits in an organized and efficient way. It is intended to help empower, educate and excite members to take charge of their health and use all the BCBSNC tools to achieve their goals. Signing up for BCBSNC Member Services will give members access to:

  • View plan benefits to see how the plan will cover a particular service
  • Review explanation of benefits to understand what the plan paid and what is the member’s responsibility
  • Understand out-of-pocket expenditures and see how much has been applied toward the annual deductible and co-insurance in that plan year
  • Request a new ID card
  • Find in-network doctors
  • Take advantage of mobile offerings


  1. Go to
  2. Under the Members section, select “Register Now.”
  3. Enter the BCBSNC member ID number (found on the BCBSNC member ID card).
  4. Answer the questions on the screen, and set up a username and password.


Health Savings Account (HSA)

An HSA is a tax-favored savings account created for the purpose of paying for eligible health care expenses if you enroll in the High Deductible Plan. The HSA is an account set up by you. It allows tax free withdrawals to pay for qualified medical expenses. HealthEquity is the HSA administrator (Account # 18873).

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Health Savings Account (HSA) FAQs
  • Contact Information: (866) 382-3510 or
  • Important Note: Due to High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) regulations, if you participate in Health Plan C with the HSA, you can utilize the services of Elon University’s Faculty/Staff Health & Wellness Clinic for a co-pay of $40.00. Please keep in mind insurance is not filed, therefore it does not go towards deductibles or out-of-pocket costs.


Livongo helps you manage diabetes, hypertension and other health goals like managing your weight, stress and more. Visit or call Livongo Member Support at (800) 945-4355 and mention registration code BCNC2 to register and confirm your eligibility.

Teladoc Health

Learn more regarding Teladoc Health and how to take advantage of this important benefit.

Blue Discounts

Blue365 offers exclusive health and wellness deals, keeping you healthy and happy, every day of the year.

Learn more regarding Member Discounts and How Member Discounts from Blue365 works

Pharmacy Services

Mail Order Pharmacy Services

Express Scripts Pharmacy (ESI)

What if you have questions?

You can:

  • log in to to chat with a live agent,
  • call the Member Services number on the back of the Blue Cross NC member ID card or
  • call the appropriate toll-free number below.

Mail order pharmacy services:  Express Scripts Pharmacy (ESI) – Blue Cross NC New Home Delivery Service

Specialty pharmacy services:  Accredo – Blue Cross NC New Specialty Drug Service

Retail Pharmacy

Getting prescription medications at a retail pharmacy is simple.

  • Take your Non-Specialty prescription to a participating pharmacy and present your BCBSNC ID card.
  • The pharmacy will determine the cost under your plan and collect payment at the time of service.
  • Claims are filed electronically. No paperwork is required.


Diabetic Information

Pregnancy & Childbirth Benefits and Resources

  • Individuals enrolled in the Elon BCBSNC Medical plan have access to various Pregnancy and Childbirth benefits and resources. For more information on covered benefits, please click here. Once on the webpage, scroll down to the section titled “Pregnancy and Childbirth” to view the most up to date information on covered preventive care services.
  • BCBSNC also offers the My Pregnancy Program. This program is available to members enrolled in the Elon BCBSNC Medical Plan. Stay informed, empowered and supported during your pregnancy with the My Pregnancy app. It’s easy to use and offers information and tools from a source you can trust. And it’s free!

Important Annual Health Notices 2024:

Public Display Requirements and Machine Readable Files for Blue Cross NC Customers:  “This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.”