Congratulations on your new hire! The University wants to welcome all new employees to the campus and make them feel a part of the community. Here are a few reminders to prepare for the new employee to begin work.

Note: All new hires processed through PageUp will receive access to their onboarding portal detailing the tasks below once they have accepted their offer through the Applicant Portal.

Supervisors can:

Prior to the First Day

  • New Hire Paperwork

The new employee must submit all paperwork to the Office of Human Resources via Adobe Sign. The New Hire Resources page details most paperwork needed.

Under no circumstances may a new employee report for work unless their background check has cleared and the Hiring Form has been received by the Office of Human Resources.

Please note that once this paperwork is submitted, it may take up to three business days to process in the Colleague system and be assigned an email account.

*Printed paperwork is available in the Office of Human Resources upon request.*

  • Keys

    Once the new employee has a Colleague number, they will need to submit a request for needed keys by completing the Key Request Form via FIXit, Elon’s work request system for Facilities Management.

  • Door Access

    Contact Campus Safety and Police at x5555 to request door access for the new employee.

  • Office Furniture

    Determine if office furniture needs to be ordered. Contact Purchasing at x5580 for assistance when considering furniture needs.

  • Technology

    Determine what technology devices, applications, and access the new employee needs. When possible, please plan in advance of the new employee’s first day as some requests take time to process and may not be available as same-day requests.

    • Refer to the Technology and Onboarding New Employees knowledge base article to learn more about the standard services available by default and those that need to be requested.
    • Submit the Onboarding Technology Request when ready to request technology services for the new employee. A member of the Technology Service Desk will coordinate with you to ensure your requests are routed and processed appropriately.
      • Please note, orders for computers and other equipment are subject to availability and shipping. If technology equipment is not already available for the new hire, please submit a request to purchase technology hardware ahead of the onboarding process to ensure hardware is available for them to use when they arrive. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

On the First Day

  • Submit Original Documentation

    The new employee must report to the Office of Human Resources to present their original documentation to satisfy the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification. Click here to view the list of acceptable documents.

  • Elon Account

    Faculty and staff are provided an Elon Account (username and password) that grants access to a variety of resources including email, Wi-Fi, OnTrack, Moodle, LinkedIn Learning, campus computers and more.

    When the account is created for a new employee, they will receive a “Welcome to Elon” email in their personal email account with instructions for activating their Elon email, resetting their password, and registering for Elon’s multi-factor authentication tool. If the new employee has not received this email, please have them contact the Technology Service Desk at 336-278-5200.

  • Phoenix Card and Parking Pass

    Have the new employee visit the Phoenix Card Office located at McCoy Commons 201 M-F 8am-5pm to obtain their Phoenix Card. They must present their new Phoenix Card to Campus Safety and Police in the McCoy Commons before a parking pass can be issued. They will need to provide their vehicle registration information (year, make, model and tag number).

  • Keys

    Once they have received email confirmation that the key is ready for pick up, the new employee should visit Facilities Management in the Dickson Building to sign for and pick up their keys.

  • Welcome Email

    Compose a welcome email to your department regarding the new employee.

  • Compensation

    Review payroll expectations and time reporting with the new employee.

    Hourly employees are paid bi-weekly. Click here to view the Payroll Calendar for due dates.

    Salaried employees are paid on the last working day of each month. Leave taken during the month must be submitted by the 7th of the following month.

Within the First Week

  • Campus Tour

    The Office of Human Resources offers a campus tour during New Hire Orientation. If the employee isn’t able to attend, please provide a campus tour for the new employee.

  • Contact Information

    Update your departmental contact list and/or emergency contact information.

  • New Hire Orientation

    The New Hire Orientation occurs approximately once a month. The Office of Human Resources will contact the new employee regarding the next New Hire Orientation session.

  • Amazon Account

    If the new employee is a Program Assistant (clerical/office staff member) or budget unit manager, they must be pre-approved and trained to order office supplies from Amazon’s online ordering system. Contact Purchasing for details (x5580).

  • Organizational Chart

    Update your department’s organizational chart.

  • Picture for Online Directory

    University Communications offers open sessions for directory photos each month”. The new employee should receive an email regarding upcoming sessions or they may refer to the University Communications webpage for a list of upcoming sessions.

  • Procurement Card

    If you think the new employee needs a procurement card, visit the Purchasing webpage to access the P-Card Request Form (Adobe Sign).

  • University Website

    Submit a Request Form to University Communications to make changes to your department’s website and/or request access (or removal of access) to Elon’s content management system, WordPress.

After the New Employee Receives their Elon Email Username and Password

  • Business Cards

    If needed, request business cards.

  • e-Alert

    Encourage the new employee to register for Elon’s emergency notification system to receive emergency messages on their mobile devices.

  • Faculty/Staff Technology Guide

    Point your employee to the New Faculty/Staff Technology Guide for a comprehensive orientation of the various technologies available at Elon.

  • File Storage for Department

    If your department has shared network storage space, provide the employee with
    sharing permissions. Discuss data storage options for secure and personal data with the employee.

  • Leadership and Development

    Please encourage your employee to access the Office of Leadership and Professional Development webpage for training and development resources.

  • Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Training (MANDATORY)

    The Office of Human Resources requires all faculty and staff to participate in a online training program entitled, “Discrimination and Harassment Prevention.” Learn more under Training.

  • Staff Manual (MANDATORY)

    All non-teaching staff must review the Elon University Staff Manual. All staff must complete the Manual Receipt and Acknowledgement.

  • Website Editing

    If the employee will be responsible for updating a departmental website, fill out the University Communications website access request form to grant them access.