Position Assessment

Whether you are filling an existing position or creating a new one, it’s important to carefully consider the position description. Think about how the position will help fulfill organizational needs; if this is an existing position, this is a great time to pause and ensure that the position description still matches these needs. Think about the combination of skills, knowledge, and qualifications that the right candidate would possess. Solicit feedback from your team and those who may interact with the position.

Submit the Position Description

When you have created or revised your position description, the next step is to submit (or revise) the description in AppTrack. AppTrack is the recruitment and hiring system for staff positions. This system provides hiring managers with access to all applicant materials. Within AppTrack, applicant information, documents, and notes are stored digitally creating a streamlined approval and review system. This system allows you to easily communicate with applicants throughout the search and interview process.