Starting a Search

Before you begin your search, please ensure that you have assessed the business needs of your unit and adjusted position duties as necessary in the existing PageUp position description. PageUp is the system of record for all position descriptions and new requisitions will need to be created using the updated position description. In instances where the position description does not currently exist, please create the position description record in the PageUp system prior to creating a requisition.

Note: Temporary positions do not require a position description record and may be submitted as a new requisition.

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Recruitment and Selection

Recruiting and selecting the right candidate for your position takes careful planning and consideration. It is important to attract a diverse-array of qualified applicants for your position, and equally important to pick the right candidate that will succeed in the position. As an added resource, please review this list of Diverse Recruitment Links.

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New Hire Checklist

Once you’ve hired the right candidate, there is quite a bit of paperwork and preparation that needs to happen before your new hire arrives.

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