Elon University enrolls all international travelers on University-approved programs in mandatory iNext international insurance.

This insurance includes medical, evacuation and trip cancellation coverage (only for Fall, Winter and Spring). Travelers are enrolled by the Global Education Center. Travelers will receive more comprehensive insurance documents from iNext directly once enrolled. Some programs abroad may require additional insurance policies. The international health insurance policy covers students ONLY while they are outside of the United States, and the policy is terminated upon return to the United States.

Current policy documents

iNext Policy Details, 2020-21

iNext Policy Supplement, 2020-21

iNext Coverage FAQ, 2020-21

Quick look at what is and is not covered

This policy is among the most robust policies of its kind, but as with all insurance policies there are certain nuances that participants should understand.

The chart below can help participants understand what is covered and not covered:

iNext insurance will cover: iNext insurance will NOT cover:
  • Doctor visits for diagnosis
  • Testing and treatment as recommended by a doctor
  • Unexpected quarantine that results in a trip delay
  • Acute care for pre-existing conditions
  • Travel delay or cancellation (up to policy limits) resulting from a medical opinion that dictates the student should not travel
  • Testing without recommendation from a doctor, unless the test is positive
  • Government-mandated quarantine or testing
  • Quarantine or isolation & related expenses during a program where there is no trip delay or interruption
  • Isolation or testing recommended as a result of contact tracing, even if it results in trip interruption
  • Prescription refills of drugs used to treat chronic pre-existing conditions
  • Ongoing care for pre-existing conditions (for instance, refills for ADHD prescriptions)
  • Expenses resulting from program cancellation due to COVID-19

Please note that this chart is intended to illustrate the insurance policy in broad strokes and cannot account for every individual circumstance. Claims must be filed and approved by iNext’s underwriting insurers.

For insurance questions or assistance filing a claim, please e-mail Kevin Winpisinger, Global Education Center Business & Data Manager, at kwinpisinger@elon.edu or call 336-278-6700. For additional questions, email inext@ciee.org.