Elon Global Start (EGS) is a first semester abroad opportunity offering a path to full-time, degree-seeking enrollment for students in the spring semester. The program is designed to meet the needs of students ineligible for regular admission who wish to join the Elon community in North Carolina. This transformational international opportunity supports Elon’s focus on developing global citizens. Elon University is nationally known as a leader in engaged, experiential learning. Students are prepared to appreciate and respect all forms of diversity as they develop into informed leaders.

Students will spend their first semester studying at DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Through Elon Global Start, students will benefit from a rigorous academic experience combined with unique cultural and social opportunities outside the classroom. Bolstered by a robust  support system, this one-semester experience supports students’ growth as global citizens and fine-tunes the skills needed to navigate their academic future.

Participants begin their college career in the Elon Global Start program by taking courses in an international setting with the support and direction of Elon faculty members. All courses transfer to Elon and 16 credit hours count toward degree requirements. Students live in shared accommodations in Copenhagen.

Three students posing in front of boats in a canal in Copenhagen.

Your First Semester

The first semester includes:

  • The Global Experience, an Elon degree requirement taught by Terry Tomasek, associate professor of education at Elon.
  • Writing: Argument and Inquiry, an Elon degree requirement taught by English instructor Chrissy Stein
  • Danish Language & Culture, an introductory-level course to help students make sense of Denmark and fulfilling a requirement in the civilization category of the Elon Core Curriculum
  • Science Without Borders, taught by Terry Tomasek, which fills an Elon Core Curriculum requirement in the area of non-lab science
  • A one-credit seminar course taught by Chrissy Stein designed to prepare students for success at the university level

In order to achieve eligibility to join the Elon community in North Carolina in the spring semester, Elon Global Start participants must complete all coursework successfully, achieving a 2.7 cumulative GPA or higher.

A person hugging a giant wooden sculpture surrounded by trees in a Copenhagen forest.

Experience Copenhagen

When not in class, students have the city of Copenhagen at their doorstep. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and a dynamic city of 1.3 million people. Copenhagen is known for being the city of fairy tales. It is characterized by its canals, excellent food and Tivoli Gardens. Copenhagen enjoys a reputation for being the happiest city in the world.

Students on the program will live in a residence hall in central Copenhagen owned by DIS alongside fellow EGS program participants, other DIS students and local and international students attending universities in Copenhagen. This residence hall is about a 20-minute walk to the DIS academic building. Students can expect to share a bedroom and bathroom with other EGS participants, and for the residence buildings to be mixed gender. There are common spaces, kitchens and laundry facilities within the residence. Food is not included on the program, as dining halls and meal plans are virtually non-existent in Denmark. However students receive a stipend in the form of a pre-paid card for a local grocery chain that will help support, but not fully cover, a student’s food expenses while in Denmark.

Three students walking along a brick walkway in front of a brick building on Elon's campus.

Life at Elon

Life at Elon after Copenhagen includes:

  • Beginning classes on Elon’s campus during the spring semester
  • Access to a rich array of global opportunities both on and off campus
  • One-on-one mentoring with Associate Professor Terry Tomasek and Bill Burress, director of study abroad

Every major, career or profession is influenced by the complex and interconnected world around us. As a university nationally recognized as the leader in study abroad, Elon Global Start students claim their global citizenship prior to their Elon undergraduate career. The approximate $30,000 program cost includes tuition, fees, program related experiences and housing for the fall 2022 semester. While meals and transportation are not included, the cost is comparable to a semester abroad on one of Elon’s Center Abroad programs and includes an opportunity for global engagement in one of Europe’s most livable cities. Elon coordinates a group flight that leaves from an East Coast city to be determined. Elon Global Start participants are accompanied to Copenhagen by a member by an Elon staff member and met at the Copenhagen airport by program staff.

Planned experiences for Elon Global Start participants include:

  • 1 short study tour (2 nights and 3 days) to Western Denmark, Southern Sweden or Northern Germany
  • 1 long study tour to a European destination TBD (5 nights and 6 days)
  • 1 weekend adventure (DIScovery) trip (2 nights and 3 days) to Bornholm, Denmark (or alternative location)
  • Participation in the DIS visiting family program, where students have the opportunity to spend time with local families

Summer Orientation

Elon Global Start (ESG) participants will meet on Elon University’s campus June 24-26, 2022, for a special orientation. A second orientation will be held at DIS upon arrival.

Students admitted to the Elon Global Start Program have until April 21, 2022, to submit their $1,000 non-refundable enrollment deposit through their Acorn Account —including those who applied as Early Decision applicants.

Upon return to Elon, all Elon Global Start students are expected to participate in Elon’s Spring New Student Orientation program. This experience will help orient you to the Elon University campus. The program is held on Saturday and Sunday immediately prior to the start of the spring semester.

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Bill Burress
Director of Study Abroad