An Elon education emphasizes engaged experiences that transform the way students see the world. The Odyssey Program, which is part of the Center for Access and Success, is a highly selective, merit-based program consisting of talented individuals who are academically strong, civically engaged, action-oriented leaders in their communities, who will benefit from an Elon education and demonstrate high financial need.

Are you the ideal student? If so, we invite you to apply to this program ready to make a difference, not only within the Elon community but in the broader community as a student and after you graduate. Students selected for the program are recipients of a number of prestigious, endowed scholarships.

Previous students in the Odyssey Program have included students who:

  • Are the first members of their family to attend college (neither parent/legal guardian has completed a four-year college degree).
  • Have not had the opportunity for enriching educational experiences due to personal circumstances or the socioeconomic climate of their community
  • Have achieved success despite hardship or challenge
  • Will bring cultural or socioeconomic diversity to Elon
  • Were eligible for the Federal Pell Grant

Odyssey Experience

Students in the Odyssey Program take advantage of intellectually demanding and dynamic courses while furthering their personal and professional development. Throughout the four-year program, you will have many networking opportunities with your fellow scholars and Odyssey alumni. You will also participate in a first-year summer orientation, have annual retreats, attend monthly class meetings, be involved in one-on-one academic and career planning meetings, and maintain an academic and leadership portfolio. The program includes a stipend for books and supplies, and a one-time $4,000 Global Study grant to be used for an approved study abroad or Study USA program.

(Students selected as Odyssey Program scholars are required to live on campus. No exceptions can be made.)

Should You Apply?

This scholarship is open to all first-year applicants regardless of citizenship status. To be considered, students must first submit a first-year application. Upon access to your Acorn Account, the Odyssey Program application will be avilable via the “Scholarship Opportunities” tab.

Required Materials:

If you have questions about your eligibility to complete the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile, please email Kimberly Romero at

Odyssey applications (not including required materials) must be submitted no later than January 15.

Odyssey Program Scholarships

  • Kerrii Brown Anderson Odyssey Scholarship
  • The Anonymous Scholarship
  • Baffi Family Odyssey Program Scholarship
  • Brown Family Odyssey Program Scholarship
  • The Marvin and Eva Burke Clapp Scholarship
  • Cobb and Flournoy Family Odyssey Scholarship
  • DeJoy-Wos Odyssey Scholarship
  • Edna Scholars
  • The Edward W. and Joan K. Doherty
  • Odyssey Scholarship
  • The Ellsworth Family Odyssey Scholarship
  • The Elon Commitment Scholarship
  • The Honorable Thad Eure North Carolina Achievement Scholarship
  • The John L. Georgeo Scholarship
  • Dr. Kerry J Gilliland Odyssey Program Scholarship
  • Lorraine Fogleman Grant and Muir William Grant Music Scholarship
  • Jay M. Grossman Program Scholarship
  • Margaret Ann Hall Scholarship
  • Heinrich Family Odyssey Program Scholarship
  • The Jessie T. Hook ’46 Scholarship
  • Horizons National Odyssey Scholarship
  • The Sam and Vicky Hunt Scholarship
  • Inman Family Odyssey Scholarship
  • Archie and Adelaid Israel Scholarship
  • LabCorp-Alamance Scholars at Elon University
  • Leo M. Lambert Odyssey Program Scholarship
  • The Gail H. LaRose Scholarship
  • The Mac Mahon Family Scholarship
  • Nancy M. Midgette Odyssey Scholarship
  • The Douglas and Edna Truitt ’44 Noiles Scholarship
  • Pearl Odyssey Program Scholarship
  • James B. Piatt Odyssey Scholarship
  • Sidhu Odyssey Scholarship
  • Silvernail Family Odyssey Scholarship
  • Bill and Sue Smith Odyssey Scholarship
  • Steers Odyssey Program Scholarship
  • The Susan Scholarship
  • Tims Access & Success Odyssey Scholarship
  • The Leon and Lorraine Watson Scholarship
  • Dr. Jo Watts Williams Odyssey Scholarship


Commitment to Democracy Scholarships

For students entering in fall 2024, Elon is pleased to offer two Commitment to Democracy Awards. Established in 2021 and built upon the hope for an end to terrorism and spread of democracy around the world, two scholarships will support students inside or outside the United States who have been displaced by conflict or natural disaster, including but not limited to, Afghanistan, Syria and Haiti. The awards, which include endowed scholarships and other university funding, will support tuition, room and board for four years.