How should I decide which program(s) to apply for?

The Fellows Programs are primarily school-based, so you should be planning to major in one of the fields contained within the school sponsoring the Fellows Program. The exceptions are Honors Fellows, which is for students in any major, and Leadership Fellows, which is also not specific to a major field of study. Students who are undecided about a major typically apply to Honors Fellows if they wish to pursue the thesis option or to Elon College Fellows because of the breadth of majors offered in the arts and sciences.

How many programs may I apply for?

Students may apply for one school-based and one non-school-based program. However, you may participate in only one Fellows program. You may not apply to two programs based in different schools because you are required to major in one of the fields within a school. For example, you may not apply to both the Communications Fellows and the Business Fellows because they are in two different schools. Because Honors and the Isabella Cannon Leadership Fellows programs are not school-based, you may apply to both of these or to one of them in combination with a school-based program.

Candidates selected for an Honors Fellows interview will be required to have a teacher recommendation submitted on their behalf prior to the competition weekend. Recommenders will be emailed in early February with instructions on how to submit the recommendation.

What happens after I apply?

All Fellows applications are reviewed after January 15. Finalists for each program are selected by faculty committees. If you are a finalist, you will be invited on February 1 to interview with faculty. If you have not already received an admissions decision through the Early Decision or Early Action deadlines, you will be notified of your admissions status at the time the Fellows invitation is extended. From these finalists, Fellows are selected and notified April 1.