Outcomes Matter

Elon prepares students for success after graduation. With the help of supportive student professional development counselors, hands-on experiences in the classroom and quality internships that often lead to job opportunities, 90 percent of our graduates accept positions related to their career goals.

Diego Pineda ’19

Major: Journalism

What’s Next? New York Post

Internships while at Elon: ABC 11 and Young Hollywood

“Elon offered me the necessary tools, guidance and skills to prepare me for the workforce. The hands-on experiences that started on my first day at Elon definitely helped me grow and strengthen my skills during my four years here.”

Courtney Kobos ’19

Major: English with Teacher Licensure

What’s Next? Fulbright in the Czech Republic teaching English

Internships while at Elon: International Leadership Academy, WorldTeach Ecuador, Alamance/Burlington Early Middle College, Duke Summer Academy

“I felt like every one of my professors was there for me in times of celebration and in times of need. I have built a professional learning community that is like a family to me.”

David Duncan ’19

Major: Psychology

What’s Next? Duke University School of Law

Internships: Clinton County Public Defender’s Office

“Undergraduate research helped me gain insight into my field and prepared me for future research opportunities.”

Asher Thompson ’19

Major: Marketing and Business Management

What’s Next? Google

Internships while at Elon: Imerys Carbonates North America, Its Learning, Walt Disney World and SAS

“College is about growing into yourself and I know that I have grown immeasurably more at Elon than I would have at other schools I considered attending. For these four year, Elon was the perfect fit.”

Maya Eaglin ’19

Major: Journalism

What’s Next? NBC

Internships: WRC-NBC4, Widmeyer Communications and Nightly News with Lester Holt

“My internships were incredible experiences where I expanded my skillset and network. It absolutely helped me secure my job.”

Nick Ciolkowski ’19

Major: Biochemistry

What’s Next? Ph.D. in chemistry from University of California, Berkley

Internships while at Elon: Microbiology Lab and Polymer Chemistry Lab

“I was a Lumen Prize recipient in 2017. This allowed me to spend two years on a project synthesizing and characterizing Vanadium-based antibiotics. This was one of the first times I was challenged to think creatively and critically as a scientist and was fundamental to my current career choice.”

Jourdan Parham ’19

Major: Computer Science

What’s Next? Microsoft

Internships: Investigate Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

“My global mindset and enthusiasm of working with people of all types of backgrounds was significant when getting my job at Microsoft. While at Elon I studied abroad to China, traveling to Shanghai, Tengchong, Lijiang, Chengdu, Lhasa, Xi’an, and Beijing. My study abroad experience led me to do research on encryption and VPN usage.”

Max Pivonka ’19

Major: Finance and Marketing

What’s Next? Goldman Sachs

Internships: Gartner, Inc. and Goldman Sachs

“Elon really emphasizes professional development and staying authentic to yourself. I found this helped me connect with people from around the world and prepared me to enter the workforce.”

Anna Cosentino ’19

Major: Media Analytics

What’s Next? Google

Internships: Dyson, Periscope and Elon’s Center for Organizational Analytics

“Elon offered me professional experience on campus that greatly appealed to employers. Whether it was in-class projects or my internship at Elon’s Center for Organizational Analytics, I had a great portfolio even without my summer internships.”

Joshua Simmons ’19

Major: Accounting

What’s Next? PwC

Internships: PwC

“I chose Elon because of the campus and close-knit community. I have created such a bond with many of my peers and professors.”