Elon University is committed to providing an exceptional education at a reasonable cost. 

A college education is an investment for a lifetime. The university provides an outstanding value in private higher education and maintains its affordable cost through a careful strategy of efficient operation, slow enrollment growth, successful fundraising and excellent strategic planning.

The total annual cost of Elon’s exceptional education is more than $13,000 less than that of most peer private colleges and universities. This cost advantage, along with Elon’s excellent four-year graduation rate, is why Elon is consistently rated a “Best Value” university.

The reasons Elon consistently earns top “best-value” rankings

2024-2025 Cost

$46,958Tuition and Fees
$16,284Food and Housing

For federal financial aid purposes, indirect costs including books, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses (set at $3,500) are added to tuition, fees, food, and housing to determine Elon University’s official total cost of attendance, which is $66,742 for 2024-2025.

Food and Housing figures are based on an average room cost and the All Access Basic meal plan. Total actual costs per student may vary depending upon food and housing selections, but aggregate financial aid may not exceed the stated cost of attendance of $66,742.

Federal Direct student and Parent PLUS Loans have an origination fee charged by the Federal Government that is reduced from the proceeds submitted to Elon on behalf of the student. The fee for student loans is 1.057% and the fee for parent loans is 4.228%. The average fee incurred by students in 2022-23 was $82.45. The average fee incurred by parents was $1,307.

Financial Aid

All students who have filed a FAFSA are eligible to have their FAFSA examined for possible changes to their account for loss of family income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an additional provision of the HEERF III legislation. The 2023 FAFSA is based on 2021 income and asset information, which was during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you or your family have had a change of economic circumstances that has affected your financial situation, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at, so we may determine if more information is needed that would make you eligible for adjustments to your FAFSA. Adjustments to your FAFSA create eligibility for new or increased federal and/or state need-based aid. Elon does not have institutional funding to make any increases to your financial aid. 

Apply early for need-based aid. This improves your chances for getting the maximum aid for which you are eligible.

You should complete and submit all applications and forms no later than mid-January.

Unless the student is a continuing student, no aid is awarded until the student has been accepted for admission to Elon University; however, you should not wait until you have been accepted to apply for aid.

If you are interested in Federal Student Aid, visit Applying for Financial Aid.

Financial Aid questions? Contact us at

To learn more about the billing process or to pay your tuition bill online, visit the Bursar’s Office website.