Communications Fellows are among the most active students on campus. Concepts come alive as you gain real-world experience working with the student-run newspaper, the campus radio station, Elon Student Television, the student PR agency and feature film and documentary production. To learn more about the Communication Fellows, visit the program website.

As a Fellow, you can also expect to:

  • Leadership opportunities in student organizations are available to all Communications Fellows. Students are directors of the student-run public relations agency, Live Oak Communications; leaders at Elon News Network, a daily multimedia student news organization, which includes both The Pendulum student newspaper and Elon Local News; and executives in our student-led Sport Management Society.
  • Close relationships with faculty provide the guidance you need to move into leadership positions.
  • Publish research in scholarly journals, including the Elon Journal of Undergraduate Research in Communications.
  • Work in your chosen field as early as your first year. Students often conduct research or work in multimedia teams producing content at sites across the globe.

Who should apply?

Applicants should be academically talented high school seniors who plan to major in Journalism, Strategic Communications, Cinema & Television Arts, Communication Design, Media Analytics or Sport Management. Students should have a GPA of at least 3.8 and a combined evidence-based reading and writing and math SAT score of 1300 or an ACT score of 30. Selection is based on high school academic performance, extracurricular involvement. and communications experience. Students invited for an on-campus visit must also compose an essay and participate in a faculty interview.

Program Benefits


Thirty Communications Fellows will be selected to receive scholarships valued at $5,500 and are renewable annually as long as the student remains a Fellow in good standing. This is in addition to any Presidential Scholarship received.

Capstone Experience

This final project may include original research, investigation of a media or communications topic, or a performance presentation in your area of interest.

Global Study Grant

All 30 Communications Fellows receive a one-time $1,000 Global Study grant to a university-approved study abroad or Study USA experience.

Special Learning Opportunities

Fellows are often invited to work on special projects for the School of Communications, such as a recent documentary project examining coverage of the Civil Rights Movement. Fellows also participate in news conferences and Q&A sessions with the high-profile speakers that Elon brings to campus. Recent speakers include CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and journalist and political analyst David Gergen, who served as an adviser to four U.S. presidents; and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, a three-time recipient of the Pulitzer Prize.