Elon is a top study abroad program. Again and again.

50%of students participated in global study at least once*
160+global study programs
50+countries represented

*Travel limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted participation during the 2021-22 academic year.

Elon continues to make progress toward its goal of achieving 100 percent access to a global engagement experience, with the university expanding financial aid and study abroad scholarships to assist students who cannot afford the cost of study abroad.

Get your passport ready. Elon’s best study abroad program is waiting.

Elon provides long- and short-term global opportunities for students in every major.

Two students taking a selfie in Ireland on a cliff overlooking water.

Where on earth can I study?

College is a time for learning—but no one said you have to do it all in the same zip code. Studying away from Elon can take place around the world and throughout the United States.

  • North & Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia & Oceania
Student holding an Elon flag in front of mountains in Peru.

When can I go? And what types of programs are there?

You will study abroad. The only questions are when, where and how often?

Short-term (January, Thanksgiving, Spring Break), semester-long, summer and/or an entire academic or calendar year

There are three types of programs:

  • Elon faculty-led, short-term
  • Elon Global Centers (four abroad, four U.S.)
  • Affiliate and exchange
Two students posing in front of a sign on a snow-covered Mt. Kilimanjaro.

What’s Winter Term all about?

Elon’s 4-1-4 academic calendar allows multiple opportunities to study away, especially during Winter Term. There are more than 30 program options, including:

  • Austria, Germany and Hungary: Lives of the Great Composers
  • Barbados: Culture, Politics and Society
  • Dominican Republic: Baseball and Tourism
  • France: Eat, Pray, Love: Sacred Space and the Place of Religion
  • Orlando, Florida: Happiest Place? The Science of Happiness at Disney
  • Hawaii: Nation or State? In Search of Hawaiian Identity
  • India: Public Health Practicum
  • Italy: Dante’s Inferno: From Poetry to Video Games
  • Vietnam: Business and Culture
Male student in sunglasses posing in front of mountains in Peru.

What if I can’t leave campus for a semester or Winter Term?

If you’re unable to leave campus for a full semester or Winter Term, consider a travel-embedded course taught on campus with a short-term travel component.


  • Peru: Wilderness and Adventure Therapy
  • Iceland: The Crucible of Fire and Ice: Nature, Culture, and Authenticity

Spring break

  • India and South Asia: Democracy, Development, Diplomacy and Conflict in Historical Perspective
  • Canada, Montreal, Quebec: Les Histoires Qu’on Se Raconte “The Stories We Tell”
Two female students posing in front of a red tour bus.

What about longer-term options?

Semester Elon global centers are tailor-made for our students.

Study Abroad

  • Shanghai, China: Experience the future of global business
  • Dunedin, New Zealand: Develop skills for teaching the next generation of students
  • London, United Kingdom: Compare two countries linked by language and history
  • Florence, Italy: Explore the roots of Western civilization

Study USA

  • Elon in Washington, D.C. (fall, spring and summer)
  • Elon in New York City (fall, spring and summer)
  • Elon in Los Angeles (fall, spring and summer)
Male student posing for photo in front of buildings while studying abroad.

Are there more programs to consider?

In Elon’s more than 80 semester and summer affiliate programs, you take part in a study abroad program hosted with an educational partner. Here are some of the opportunities available:

  • Amman, Jordan: Middle East Studies or Arabic Language
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands: International Perspectives on Sexuality & Gender
  • Barcelona, Spain: Language & Culture or Business & Culture or Economics & Culture or Liberal Arts
  • Prague, Czech Republic: Business & Economics or Central European Studies or Jewish Studies or Film Studies or New Media Studies
  • Rabat, Morocco: Field Studies in Journalism & New Media or Multiculturalism & Human Rights
  • Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace & Conflict Studies in the Balkans
  • Turks and Caicos Islands: Marine Resource Management Studies or Fundamentals of Marine Conversation or Marine Megafauna
Spencer Rieser posing in front of buildings whily studying abroad in Jordan.

Amman, Jordan:
‘Utterly surpassed expectations’

Name: Spencer Rieser

Majors: Political Science and International Relations

Minor: Middle East Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies

Where: Amman, Jordan

“The experience of studying abroad in Jordan utterly surpassed expectations. The classes I took were engrossing, my Arabic skills vastly improved, and I met so many new people. My favorite part was going on weekend trips with my friends. We went all around the country and internationally to places like Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey and even Holland.”

Zaina Huseni sitting in a basket amongst trees and plants in a forest while studying in Singapore.

‘It felt like home’

Name: Zaina Huseni

Major: Finance

Minors: Accounting

Where: Singapore

“Studying abroad in a country so far away from the USA was scary at first but getting out of my comfort zone and taking that risk really paid off. I developed lifelong friendships with students all over the world and gained valuable traveling experience that has shaped my view of our world. ”

Student on a grass-covered hill overlooking a city while studying abroad.

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We are offering small group campus visits with modified tours. Sessions are limited for your health and safety. We are also offering virtual campus visit sessions to prospective students, who have not yet applied to Elon, as well as to our admitted students.