Cancelation Policy for Winter Term 2022 programs:

When Elon is forced to cancel a program, generally any recoverable costs are returned to students. Given the unprecedented nature of the Covid-19 pandemic, and Elon’s commitment to global engagement, the University will make an exception for Winter 2022 programs. If Elon must cancel a program between now and the date of departure due to Covid-19 restrictions, e.g. closed borders or prolonged mandatory quarantines, students can expect to receive a credit towards a future Elon global engagement program. Students graduating in May 2022 will be given an option to participate in an Elon summer study away program or to receive a refund of their program fee, after the program is officially canceled by Elon. In the event that a program is cancelled, the GEC will reach out to participants with guidance regarding next steps and options available. The GEC cannot reimburse personal purchases, i.e. expenses not included in the billable program fee. Students who withdraw prior to a program being cancelled will receive a refund, if eligible, according to the Student Withdrawal Policy, detailed on the deadlines webpage.

What is a Global Short-Term Program?

Short-Term programs are Study Abroad and Study USA courses developed and led by Elon faculty and staff that typically focus on a specific subject area. One or more program leaders travel with a cohort of Elon students to learn and explore together. By design, short-term programs integrate many group activities into their curriculum and provide a structured, enriching global engagement. 

Here is a short guide to help you learn more about global short-term programs.

Types of Programs

Winter Term

These intensive three- to four-week, four-semester-hour courses typically include a mandatory one-semester-hour pre-departure course the preceding fall term. Students earn a total of five semester hours.

Semester Travel-Embedded (fall & spring)

These programs are semester-long, four-semester-hour courses taught on campus that include a travel component either over Thanksgiving Break or Spring Break.


These programs range in length from three to six weeks and typically earn between four and six semester hours of credit.

What is Included

Courses range in cost and typically include:

  • Round-trip airfare from departure hub. Students are responsible for their domestic airfare from their home airport to the departure hub. E.g. if the program departs from JFK, and a student will travel from Atlanta, they are responsible for the ATL to JFK flight.
  • International health insurance (where applicable)
  • All lodging (typically same-sex, double or triple occupancy) and transportation
  • Entrance fees for museums, cultural sites, and events related to the course

Individual program costs can be found on the PROGRAM STATUS CHART. Detailed cost information can be found on each program’s budget sheet, available from a program’s brochure page.

Find a Program

See the PROGRAM STATUS CHART to learn more about all available programs.

Program brochure pages and the link to apply are included in the status chart.

Program offerings vary from year to year — what was offered last year or this year may not be offered the following year.

Apply for a Program

You can apply to only ONE program per term.

When you are ready to apply, click “apply now” from the program’s brochure linked from the PROGRAM STATUS CHART.

See the application instructions for more information.

Most programs do not require an essay. The following programs have additional application requirements:

  • BUS 281: Business In The Pacific Rim
  • Costa Rica Human Service Studies Practicum
  • India Public Health Practicum
  • Italy Bodies of Knowledge

Applications submitted during early action period will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

  1. Previous global engagement experience
  2. Class Standing
  3. GPA

Enroll in a Program

If there is a course scheduling conflict for your course or your prerequisite preparatory seminar (where applicable), you will no longer be eligible for acceptance to the program.

Winter Term

The GEC will register you for your prerequisite course. It is your responsibility to register for your Winter Term course at the time of registration in November.

The prerequisite course and Winter Term courses must be designated to the same requirement on the degree audit.

Semester Travel-Embedded (fall & spring)

After you have been accepted to a program, the GEC will register you for the course.


After you have been accepted to a program, the GEC will register you for the course.

Change Programs

Consideration for acceptance to a program depends on space availability, final deadline, and eligibility requirements. Students understand that they may not be admitted to the program based on these parameters.

Applications are processed in the order submitted, whether by change form or new application. Most forms are processed in two business days.

Submitting the change request form is only the first step. Students will receive an email with instructions to resubmit their application by the assigned deadline. Students will be notified again by email once their application has been reviewed within two weeks.

Students understand that in submitting the change request form, they forfeit their position on the previous program or wait list, regardless of whether they are accepted into the new program.

The change request form is no longer available for fall 2021 travel-embedded courses and Winter Term 2022 programs as the deadline has passed.

Withdraw From a Program

Withdrawing your participation in a program can be done ONLY by completing a cancelation form.

Please review the payment deadlines and cancelation policies on the Deadlines webpage before submitting the cancelation form.

Request to deviate from group travel arrangements

Most programs include a pre-arranged group flight from a major international hub. In certain circumstances, the GEC will allow a student not to fly on the pre-arranged group flight. This allowance is made ONLY on a case-by-case basis, and submitting a petition does NOT guarantee its approval. Petitions may be considered for circumstances such as:

  • Home departure location causes significant flight backtracking (e.g. flying from home airport of San Francisco to Raleigh-Durham International, only to fly through Los Angeles International Airport)
  • Traveling from an international home destination (e.g. Flying from home airport of Charles De Gaulle Airport (Paris) to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, only to fly to London Heathrow Airport)
  • Traveling directly from Winter Term program to Study abroad or Study USA spring program
  • Prearranged independent travel in the area (e.g. family reunion, wedding, etc.). This is more likely to be approved for end-of-program independent travel as it’s less likely to interfere.

If you’re not sure whether your situation warrants a flight deviation, call your program manager to discuss.

You may petition for individual arrangements by completing the Student Travel Deviation Form. Submitting a travel deviation form does not guarantee approval. Forms are due by Sept. 8, 2021.

Prepare for Your Program

Your GEC program manager and your program leaders will facilitate your preparation through class material, emails, and elements posted to your MyElonGlobal application.

The GEC requires participants to submit a personal information form, and it’s your decision on what you disclose. If you require accommodations (academic, physical, etc.), please make these known in the form and contact the Global Education Center to have a discussion about possible accommodations.

Newsletters will be emailed to you as part of your pre-departure preparation and are available as a reference to you in your MyElonGlobal application, and linked as PDFs below:

In addition, we recommend you consult the following resources: