Proposing a New GBL Course & Revising an Existing GBL Course

Program Proposal Deadlines

Timing/Duration Winter short-term travel with fall prerequisite Summer short-term travel with spring prerequisite
Study Abroad & Study USA Oct. 15 (~15 months prior to departure) Feb. 15 (~15-17 months prior to departure)

Submission Overview:

  1. Prior to any submission of a GBL course, please contact Matt Buckmaster, Assistant Dean of Global Education, to arrange an initial meeting to discuss course design and submission procedures.
  2. Submit your proposal via the curriculum management system by the deadlines listed above. From the Curriculum Management Dashboard:
    1. Log in with your Elon user name (including and password.
    2. Click “New Course Form” or “Revise Course Form,” depending on the type of proposal.
    3. For “Program/Department,” select “Program,” and “Global Education.”
    4. Complete the form, consulting with Matt Buckmaster as needed.

Review Process:

All proposals will be reviewed by the members of the Global Education Curriculum Committee (GECC). After approval from the GECC, the proposal will be forwarded to the University Curriculum Committee (UCC) for final review.

GBL Course Resources

Global Engagement Student Goals: Global Engagement Goals

Model GBL syllabus (4 s.h. Winter Term course): GBL267 France WT17

Model GBL syllabus (1 s.h. fall prerequisite preparatory seminar): GBL167 France WT17