Winter Term Programs Abroad

Winter Term study abroad students will attend a spring meeting in the spring prior to their program abroad.

Each Winter Term study abroad course also has a required one semester-hour Fall pre-departure course associated with it. To see the Fall pre-departure course listings and availability, please search for sections in OnTrack, select the fall term, and select “Global” in the Subjects drop-down list.

Semester and Summer Programs Abroad

A successful semester and summer abroad is dependent upon adequate preparation. Students will participate in a series of mandatory orientations during the semester prior to studying abroad. These orientations will address issues of academic, cultural, logistical, financial, and personal preparation, as well as health and safety. Failure to participate in the required orientations will result in dismissal from the program. Any financial losses incurred by this dismissal, including program fees and international airfare, will be fully the responsibility of the student. In contrast to program specific orientation, preparatory forum are thematic and are designed to enhance a student’s preparation for global engagement. Students can attend as many as they might find helpful. These are not mandatory. Attendance is taken only to track interest so we can decide how many sessions to offer and what sized space to hold these in the future.

Orientation Schedule for Fall & Summer Programs Abroad

Orientation Schedule for Spring Programs Abroad