As you start to plan your global engagement, remember that you have many partners to assist you.

Below are some questions to ask these partners.

Questions to Ask

Your GEC advisor

  • What courses are being offered on the programs in which I am interested?
  • Which courses seem, based on the course descriptions, to be a good fit for the course(s) I need to take?

Your Academic Advisor

  • What requirements do I need to complete away in order to graduate on time?
  • Are there any requirements that fit in my schedule only the semester I’m away?
  • Are there any prerequisite or required sequential courses that affect when I can participate in Study Abroad or Study USA (e.g. availability of Physics I and Physics II)?
  • How many semester hours do I need to complete the semester I’m away in order to graduate on time?
  • Do I have room to take any courses to serve just as hours toward graduation the semester I’m away?
  • How much flexibility do I have with my course selection?
  • If a semester away requires me to shift my graduation plan, what options should I consider (e.g. summer classes, overload, etc.)?
  • What prerequisites will I need to take at Elon before my program?
  • How many semester hours do I have to complete while abroad in order to graduate on time?

Campus Partners

First, identify your campus partners. Which faculty, staff, and departments support your Elon experience?

Then, ask how those partners’ roles and areas of expertise can support your global engagement.

One important campus partner is Financial Planning. Questions to ask Financial Planning:

  • Is my FAFSA up to date with Elon?
  • Do my existing grants, scholarships, and loans transfer toward my program?
  • How does may financial aid shift per my program budget sheet?
  • Am I eligible for additional funding, such as the Gilman scholarship?

Your family

Your parents and family members will have plenty of questions of their own, but we recommend you have a conversation and consider the questions we have posted on our Family Resources page.