Below are extensive FAQs about Elon Study Abroad and Study USA. If you cannot find the answer to your question, or if you have more specific questions, please contact the staff at Elon’s Isabella Cannon Global Education Center (GEC). They will be glad to assist you.

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Winter 2024 FAQ

How is registration prioritized for Winter Term?

Students will sign up for a WT predeparture course based on their Fall registration period. Course registration access time and waitlist standing are determined by class standing/credit hours earned and special circumstances, such as disability accommodations or special-program considerations.

The minimum GPA for Winter Term programs is 2.0.

What if the fall prerequisite preparatory seminar (1 s.h.) presents a course conflict?

If you cannot enroll in the fall prerequisite preparatory seminar because of conflicts, you cannot participate in the winter term course. As you would with any other course conflict, either a) choose a different winter Study Abroad or Study USA with a fall preparatory seminar that does not present a course conflict or b) drop the other course that presents a conflict.

What if the fall prerequisite preparatory seminar (1 s.h.) puts me in course overload?  

If the additional one semester hour (1 s.h.) puts you in course overload (i.e. more than 18 s.h.), you will need academic advisor approval before you can register. Complete the Advisor Overload Form linked from the Course Overload page.

Submit this form EARLY so your registration access is not delayed.

The additional fees associated with exceeding the maximum course load in a semester is waived for full-time students put into overload by the fall prerequisite preparatory seminar.

There is, however, a program cost for the Winter Term Study Abroad or Study USA program. Costs are or will be posted to the Winter 2024 programs listings page, and will be detailed from each program brochure.

How many fall prerequisite preparatory seminar (1 s.h.) courses can I register for? 

Students should register for only the fall preparatory seminar associated with the Winter Term Study Abroad or Study USA program they wish to participate in.

Will I know my position on a wait list?

Like other course wait lists, students can see the total number of students on the wait list, but they cannot see their position.

When will I know if I’m “accepted” into a winter program?

There is no separate application or acceptance process for participating in a global short-term program. You will enroll directly in the fall prerequisite preparatory seminar (1 s.h.) that corresponds to the Winter Term Study Abroad or Study USA program in which you wish to enroll.

When will I see the Winter Term Study Abroad or Study USA course on my schedule?

Students will register themselves for the winter term study away course when registration for winter term opens in the fall semester.

I've registered for the fall prerequisite preparatory seminar (1 s.h.). Is that all I need to do?

In late April, you will receive an email from the GEC with instructions on how to complete your MyElonGlobal requirements which should take you no more than 20 minutes to complete.

You must complete your MyElonGlobal requirements within 10 days of receiving the email prompt in order to secure your spot in the course.

When will I know about Elon Global Scholarship support?

Students that complete their MyElonGlobal registration by May 31 will be notified in June.

Students that complete their MyElonGlobal registration June to August will be notified in September.


Summer and Fall 2023 Early Action Deadline FAQs

What's the difference between "Early Action" and "Rolling"?

Applications submitted by the Early Action deadline (11:59 p.m. ET, Thursday, Nov. 18) are reviewed by mid-December, and their scholarship application is considered in January.

Applications submitted in the Rolling period (Dec. 16-Feb. 15) are reviewed within two weeks of submission in the order received as space is available, and their scholarship application is considered in April.

Regardless of whether a student applies during the Early Action or Rolling periods, their application is financially non-binding, until the withdrawal deadline posted to the deadlines page.

For competitive programs, it’s in your best interest to apply Early Action as the program might not reopen for Rolling.


Do I need to apply by the Early Action deadline?

For competitive programs — meaning, a program likely to receive more applications than spaces available — a student has their best chance of admission by applying by the Early Action deadline. Historically, competitive programs are:

For other programs, a student may want to apply during the Early Action to learn of their status and their Elon Global Scholarship (need-based) support earlier. Otherwise, there is NOT a meaningful difference between applying during the Early Action period and the Rolling period.

What happens if I can’t submit my application by the Early Action deadline?

Applications will be locked until they reopen for the Rolling period, beginning Dec. 16, final deadline Feb. 15.

For applications to a competitive program (see above), it is possible the program will not reopen for rolling applications. In that case, students that started but did not submit their application by the Early Action deadline may withdraw and apply to a different program.

If I apply during the Rolling period instead of Early Action, will I receive a reduced scholarship, or risk not receiving a scholarship?

No. Elon Global Scholarship amounts are matched between both application periods (Early Action and Rolling).

How can I confirm that I submitted my application?

You must click “submit” in order to finish your application. In other words, even if every requirement is marked complete, until you click “submit,” your application is not yet ready for review. You should see a blue confirmation box on your application noting the time of submission.





You will also receive a confirmation email within one hour of submitting your application.

I changed my mind -- I want to apply to a different program, but I already submitted my application. How can I switch?

If your application status is “Application Submitted,” “Pending,” “Pending – Course Conflict,” “Pending – Deferred,” “Under Review,” or “Revise and Resubmit,” you can withdraw your application directly and apply instead to a different program.

To withdraw your application, log into MyElonGlobal and click “withdraw application” from the bottom right corner of the application you wish to withdraw.






If your application has already been reviewed (meaning your status is changed to “Accepted,” “Approved,” “Conditionally accepted,” “Conditionally Approved,” “Not Approved,” “Waitlist,” “Withdrawn,” “Withdrawn – Deferred” or “Withdrawn – Program Canceled”), to withdraw, email your program manager or

My application says it’s “locked.” Can it be unlocked?

If your application is locked, it’s past the deadline of 11:59 p.m. ET, Thursday, Nov. 18. If you do not finish your application by this deadline, your application will be unlocked for you to finish and submit during the Rolling Period, starting Dec. 16. For more information, see the deadlines page.

I’m running into technical trouble – how can I still apply by the deadline?

If you have technological trouble submitting your application by the deadline, please write the details of your situation in an email to  Your case will be reviewed on Friday, Nov. 19.


General FAQs

Why should I participate in global engagement?

  • Global engagement is an excellent addition to any academic program, regardless of your major, as it is a unique opportunity to learn about the world and broaden your horizons while continuing your academic education.
  • Elon global engagement programs give you the chance to look at life from a different perspective, to learn more about the idiosyncrasies of cultures and the world’s people. You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself, too.
  • This is a valuable experience that will enhance your resume. Many employers are looking for individuals who have practical experience living in a different culture. Your experiences on a program will affirm employers that you are an independent and resourceful risk-taker who is able to deal with the stresses of uncertainty and unexpected challenges.
  • Study USA provides opportunities to experience and internship in a different city while exploring opportunities for cultural engagement.

Can first-year students participate in a Study Abroad or Study USA program?

First-year students are eligible for Winter Term programs during their first year and for Summer Term programs the summer after their first year at Elon. Although most semester programs require at least sophomore status, some first-year students who want to study abroad during their sophomore year may need to apply during their first year depending on application deadlines for specific programs. Program eligibility requirements can be found on the brochure page for each of our programs.

When is the best time for me to go on a Study Abroad or a Study USA program?

The best time for you to participate in a global engagement program depends on several factors, such as your year in school, your major(s)/minor(s), graduation requirements, leadership positions and other campus commitments, etc. For example, some majors may require you to be on campus for particular terms, whereas sometimes required courses may only be offered during a certain term. Early planning is key in helping you decide when a Study Abroad or Study USA program best fits into your four-year plan.

Study USA programs often require an internship which is often completed during a student’s junior or senior year.

How do I apply? When do I apply?

Winter Term, summer and semester global engagement program applications are available on MyElonGlobal. Peruse program webpages through Advanced Search, and click “Apply Now” on a program’s brochure when you are ready to apply. Remember, you are only able to apply to one program per term, so do not click “Apply Now” until you are certain of your program choice. Once you have started an application, you may return to it anytime by logging into your MyElonGlobal account.

See the deadlines page for information on when to apply.

Is it possible to apply for more than one program at a time?

No. You may only apply to one program (per term) at a time. This applies to Winter Term, Summer Term, and Semester global programs. When you click “apply now” in MyElonGlobal, make sure this is the right program for you as you can only submit one application per term.

Can I participate in global engagement programs multiple times?

Yes. As long as you plan early, it’s usually possible.

When should I start planning my global engagement experience?

Now! Early planning is essential.

Where can I get information about Study Abroad and Study USA locations? Where can I study abroad?

For information on all the currently available programs listed by location, visit the Programs page. Once you have reviewed some of the program information, we recommend you meet with an advisor about the specific program(s) in which you are interested.

Is it possible to study through programs not offered by Elon?

If after meeting with an advisor in the GEC you are still not able to identify an Elon global program that fits your plan of studies, you may want to consider participating in an Independent Program or a non-Elon program.

Independent Elon Program Abroad: An Independent Program allows students to create their own independent program in consultation with a faculty advisor, for which they earn Elon credit.

Non-Elon Programs: We strongly recommend you consider Elon-approved programs only. We have carefully selected the programs we offer because of their comparable academics and professional levels of instruction to our campus courses. If you choose to study through a non-Elon program, you should have a compelling reason for not considering an Elon program.

Is it possible to participate in an internship on a Study Abroad or Study USA program?

Yes. There are many programs where it is possible to do an internship abroad. If you would like to do an internship during a specific program, contact the advisor for the program to ask if there are internship possibilities. You can search by internship option in Advanced Search.

Study USA summer and semester programs include internships.

What GPA do I need to participate in a program?

Students must be in good academic standing with the university in order to participate on a Study Abroad or Study USA program.

Different programs have different eligibilty requirements. Please refer to the brochure page for the specific program’s GPA requirement, or search by minimum GPA in Advanced Search.

Do I need to know a foreign language to study abroad?

A small number of programs have a language requirement. Individual program webpages will list what (if any) foreign language requirements there may be. You can search by language prerequisite in the Advanced Search feature on MyElonGlobal.

Where will I live? With whom will I live?

For semester programs, living arrangements vary by program and location. Most housing options include homestays, residence halls and apartments/flats. Additionally, the type of students you live with may include other Elon students, American students from other universities or students from the host country. Please check program webpages for more information about housing options.

For Winter Term programs, students typically stay in hotels, although homestays may be available through some programs.

You can search by housing option in Advanced Search. If you’d like to select more than one option by which to search, hold the control button and select more than one option.

Will I know what courses I am taking before I go abroad on a semester program?

Sometimes, but not always. For some programs, you may not register until you get there. Regardless of whether you can officially pre-register, you must submit a course review form for the classes you will take while abroad, to ensure they will transfer, and to confirm you understand how they will count for credit at Elon. You will need to have some flexibility with courses as we cannot guarantee you can take a specific course while you are abroad. This process will take place once you are approved by Elon to study abroad.

How do I determine what courses are offered and how they transfer?

Do I get grades for my courses? Will my grades count in my GPA?

For all Elon programs (programs listed on the website), grades will be transferred from abroad and will factor into your Elon GPA. For non-Elon programs, you will need to talk with the program manager to see how grades and credits will transfer.

Can I take a global engagement semester program class pass/fail? Can I audit a global engagement class?

No. You cannot take a global engagement class pass/fail, nor audit a global engagement class.

How do I apply for a passport? Where can I get a passport photo taken?

Please visit the U.S. State Department website for detailed instructions and to search for passport application facilities and photo services.

The local Elon postal office has passport services and passport photo services. Businesses that have in-store photo processing may also have passport photo services.

Note: The cost and number of pictures that you receive may vary by store.

Do I need a visa?

Some programs do require a visa. The cost of the visa as well as the application process may vary by country and type of program. Program brochures in MyElonGlobal list additional visa information and links where necessary. The GEC staff can direct you to sources to find visa information otherwise not listed.

Can I take a class on campus during Winter Term and still be able to participate in a Study Abroad or Study USA program during the spring semester?

The opportunity to take a Winter Term class at Elon before a spring semester Study Abroad or Study USA program varies from program to program depending on the semester program calendar.

Semester program webpages on MyElonGlobal give approximate start and end dates for the spring semester but check with the advisor for more specific information about the semester program in which you are interested.

If I participate in a global engagement program during a fall semester, will I be able to be back on campus for Winter Term?

Many fall semester programs will end in time for you to return to Elon to take a Winter Term course, but this depends on the calendar for the particular semester program in which you are interested. The semester program webpages on MyElonGlobal give an approximate start and end dates for the fall semester, but check with an International Programs Advisor for more specific date information.

Note: If you are not at Elon during the fall semester, you CANNOT participate in a Winter Term global engagement program because you will have missed the required fall one-credit pre-departure course associated with the Winter Term program.

Can I participate in a global engagement program my final semester and still graduate?

Some programs, such as the Elon Centers Abroad programs in London, England and Florence, Italy, end early enough in the spring that you can participate in Study Abroad or Study USA program your final semester and still graduate. However, many other programs do not send grades in time for you to walk across the stage at graduation in May. Contact the GEC for program-specific information.


Application FAQs

I'm having trouble submitting my application and am worried I will miss the deadline. What should I do?

If you have technological trouble submitting your application, email

How do I know when my application is complete? Is there a “submit” button?

YES, click the “submit” button to finalize your application. You must click the “submit” button to complete your application.

If you cannot click the “submit” button, it is possible that you haven’t yet completed all requirements for your application – look to see which requirements are still unchecked. All boxes must be checked before you can submit your application.

My recommendation hasn't yet been submitted. Can I still submit my application?

YES. The deadline is for you, not for your recommender.

So long as you have requested the required recommendation(s) through your application, you may click “submit” to finalize your application — regardless of whether your recommendation(s) have been received.

Your application can be conditionally reviewed irrespective of your recommendation. Your application will NOT be penalized or “less competitive” if your recommendation isn’t received by the deadline.

I made a mistake. How can I edit a questionnaire I have already submitted?

We’re all human and make mistakes. Email so the GEC can reset the questionnaire.

Part of my essay submission was not included in the questionnaire. What should I do?

This is a known issue for the Safari browser. Contact the GEC to reset your questionnaire, and attempt to submit your essay(s) in Firefox or Chrome.

If it is after hours, email your situation and your essays to, and GEC staff will adjust your essay(s) the following business day. So long as your email is sent by the deadline, your application will be considered submitted on time.

I started an application, withdrew it, and now want to apply again for the program but can’t. How can I start my application again?

Email so the GEC can reactivate your application.

If I know I do not want to apply for the Elon Global Scholarship, can I skip this questionnaire?

Please select “No” to the first question in order to decline this scholarship application. Your application will remain incomplete if you do not select “Yes” or “No.”

What if one of my questionnaires says “N/A” next to it? Does this affect my application?

“N/A” means this questionnaire no longer applies to your application. Your application is complete when all process elements are either checked or are listed “N/A.”

When are the early action and rolling period deadlines?

Please visit the Global Engagement Deadlines page for the most up-to-date deadline information. You can find a specific program’s deadline information listed in its brochure pages on MyElonGlobal, or you can examine program deadlines and exceptions.

What happens if I miss a deadline?

If you miss the Early Action deadline, you will have access to complete your application beginning in the Rolling Period.

When will I find out the status of my application?

If you apply during the Early Action Period, you’ll be notified on the posted decision date of your application status.

If you apply during the Rolling Period, you will be notified within two week of submitting your application.



Financial Planning FAQs

How much does it cost to participate in a global engagement program?

The cost of global engagement varies by program and term. Each program has a study abroad fee and other fees in addition to Elon’s tuition fees.

See the individual program webpages for specific program costs. Financial information can be found on a program’s budget sheets. Some programs may be less expensive than a semester at Elon, while others may be more expensive. This is due to what the program cost covers as well as exchange rates and the cost of living in the program location.

Can I get financial aid for global engagement?

Yes. There are various loans available to pay the cost of global engagement. If you already have financial aid, the cost of your program can be added to your annual cost of attendance and increase your eligibility for loans. If you currently do not have financial aid, it is recommended that you file the FAFSA form to become eligible for a federal Stafford loan and/or a parent PLUS loan. If you are concerned about the costs of global engagement, make sure to meet with a staff member from the Office of Financial Planning who can provide you with financial planning and financial aid information.

Are there grants or scholarships available for global engagement?

Yes! Elon provides a generous assortment of grants and scholarships. All students are invited to apply for Elon Global Scholarship consideration, which is a one-time, first-time award that is need-based. Depending upon your major, some academic departments have global study grants available. Check with your academic department for availability. For information regarding financial planning, visit the Financial Planning for Global Engagement page.

How can I have my Fellows or Scholars grant applied to my global engagement?

For Fellows grants, contact the director or administrative assistant of your Fellows program. For Odyssey grants, contact the Center for Access and Success.

How can I have my Engagement Grant applied to my global engagement?

If you have received an Elon Engagement Grant and would like to use it toward your study abroad or Study USA program, submit an Elon Experiences Grant form.

Can I receive financial aid if I participate in a non-Elon University global engagement program?

Any financial aid that comes from Elon University or the State of North Carolina cannot be used toward the cost of a non-Elon University global engagement program. Federal financial aid (Pell, SEOG, Stafford loans, PLUS loans) may be used in a non-Elon University program if a contract exists between Elon University and the school or organization that is sponsoring the global engagement program. Contact the Global Education Center to see if a contract can be established for your non-Elon University global engagement program.