About The Elon Experiences Grant

Elon Engagement Scholarship recipients have access to a one-time Elon Experiences Grant of up to $2,000 which is applied to tuition for the term in which the experience is completed. Please see the commonly asked questions to assist you in this process.

Who is eligible for the Elon Experience Grant?

Students who received the Elon Engagement Scholarship as first-year students are eligible to apply for the Elon Experiences Grant.

How do I request the grant?

Use the Elon Experiences Grant Form link at the bottom of this page.

What counts as a qualifying experience for the grant?

Qualifying experiences include study abroad/study USA, internship, research, service, and leadership. The last two options require a sponsor to oversee the required independent work.

When should I apply for the grant?

Please do not request the funds until you are registered for the experience. For example, students requesting the grant for winter term study abroad should wait until the GBL preparatory seminar is on their fall schedule.

When are the funds distributed?

Once approved by both the Office of Academic Advising and Financial Aid, grant funds will display as pending on the student bill. This will allow students to proceed with their billing deadline.

Grant funds will then be distributed just before the experience is to occur, typically about 10 days prior.

How do I receive the grant?

Once approved by the Office of Financial Aid, the funds will be distributed to the student. Please note that there are no cash payments. All money is applied to tuition.

Who reviews my grant application?

Staff from the Office of Academic Advising review the grant application to ensure that the student will be participating in a qualifying Elon Experience. Staff from the Office of Financial Aid review the grant application as well prior to distributing the grant funds.

Can I use another scholarship for my experience?

Yes! Students receiving the Elon Engagement Scholarship and Elon Experiences Grant are welcome to apply to other scholarships supporting the experience at Elon. Those funds are likely to be a different amount, so be sure to track any scholarships/grants you may have received.

What if I have more questions?

Questions about the qualifying experiences? Please contact academicadvising@elon.edu or Kathy Ziga at kziga@elon.edu.

Questions about Financial Aid? Please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 336-278-7640 or finaid@elon.edu.

Elon Experiences Grant Form