We recognize that you will have a lot of questions about First-Year Advising & Registration. Review our FYAR Frequently Asked Questions about the process of course selection. We also have a General Advising FAQs for questions related to the Elon Core Curriculum and other common questions for students. If you have a new question, please contact us at the Office of Academic Advising. Our number is 336-278-6500 and email is fyar@elon.edu.

Who is my academic advisor?

During summer First-Year Advising and Registration, new incoming first-year students are advised by professional advisors within the Office of Academic Advising. Then, in August, the instructor of your ELN 1010: First-Year Advising Seminar will be assigned as your advisor.

That person will be your instructor and advisor until the end of the ELN 1010 class. If you are ready to declare your major, you can do so at the end of the semester of ELN 1010. Shortly after, you’ll be connected with a faculty advisor in your major.

Why does my ELN 1010 instructor just say "Staff?"

We do not assign student advisors until August. The primary reason is that we have quite a few advisors for the ELN 1010: First-Year Advising Seminar experience who do not work in the summers. We would not want a new student like yourself to try to contact them and receive no response for 1 or 2 months. If you need to know of your advisor for other reasons, please let us know so we can more directly respond to your question.

When do I register for my first semester of classes?

  1. Complete Elon Bound first.
  2. Next, sign up for your small group virtual advising meeting.
  3. Begin preparing for your small group virtual advising meeting using the FYAR Guidebook for your potential major.
  4. Attend your small group virtual advising meeting. These begin on Wednesday, June 12th and continue until Friday, July 19th.
  5. You will have planned potential classes before your session. The advisor in your small group will discuss options with the group, review courses, and register you for a proper schedule of classes.

How do I get approved to register for classes?

New first-year students do not register themselves for classes. The advisor for the small group virtual meeting will register you for classes based on academic interests. At New Student Orientation, your ELN 1010 advisor will clear you to register for classes.

New transfer students will work with the Transfer Student Coordinator to register for classes.

Do I have to complete Elon Bound?

Yes. You have to complete this as one of the steps to be registered for classes.

Do I have to attend the virtual advising session?

Yes. You have to complete this as one of the steps to be registered for classes.

If I register later in June, will there we any classes left?

Yes. This is a common concern for students. We have a lot of types of classes that will be available throughout the summer. Additionally, you will be pre-registered for ELN 1010 and either COR 1100 or ENG 1100.

When is the last day I can edit my schedule?

New students can edit their schedules through drop/add week, which is the first week of classes for each semester. The deadline for half-semester classes is different than for full semester classes. We recommend that you bookmark the Academic Calendar to track important deadlines like this.

I'm traveling and have limited access to the internet in June. What are my options?

We understand that some students may have personal conflicts for virtual advising, which is why students have six weeks to participate in the process (June 12 – July 19, 2024). We will offer early morning and evening sessions, Eastern Standard Time, as well as Saturday sessions to best accommodate students as well. Students need to access the internet just one time during this period.

You can also email fyar@elon.edu to discuss your options. Please provide us details on the concerns about attending a session between June 12 – July 19, 2024.

I had a 504 Plan/IEP/Accommodation Plan through my high school years; will I be allowed a priority registration time?

For this registration process, we will not be providing priority registration times as accommodations.  Because of the way the system is set up, this accommodation is not applicable for this semester’s registration.  In future semesters, you will be able to request priority registration times; these accommodations are approved if supported by documentation.  Reach out to Disabilities Resources at disabilities@elon.edu if you have further questions about this issue.

What happens if I don't have access to technology for the small group virtual advising sessions?

For students who have limited access to technology as a daily resource, please call us at 336-278-6500. Or when able, email us at fyar@elon.edu.

How do I plan my classes if my AP/IB/Transfer Credit haven't posted?

Be sure to report potential college credits in the appropriate Survey in Elon Bound.

Additionally, review our webinar: How AP/IB and College Credits Transfer to Elon. This information is located on our Resources & Tutorials section of FYAR on our website.

Lastly, we will review these results as well to ensure students are not enrolled in the same class for which they have already earned credit.

Do I need to take any placement tests?

You must complete a placement “test” for both Math and World Languages to provide you the best starting point for these subjects. Information will be available in Acorn and will be sent via email.

Complete the Survey in Elon Bound regarding incoming college credits. This will help both with pre-enrollment of courses and will help your virtual advisor guide you best.

What happens if I have technology issues?

Contact Information Technology whenever a tech issue pops up. The Contact IT button provides contact information for IT as well as the Live Chat function.

Am I required to take a World Language?

We offer World Languages in: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, and Spanish. Students with other World Language experience, including English as a second language, should contact languages@elon.edu. American Sign Language is not a qualifying World Language.

You can earn World Language Proficiency by:

  • Placing into a World Language class number 2000 or higher
  • Earning credit through Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or College credit at the course number 1020 or higher
  • Placing into a 1000 level class at Elon and completing through the 2nd level (1020).

I have some questions. How can I get help?

You can ask questions during your small group virtual advising session.

But you can always call the Office of Academic Advising at 336-278-6500.

You can also email fyar@elon.edu to ask questions specifically about First-Year Advising & Registration.